Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Dock

The elves have been busy, trying to get our first product to market within the month.

And so, we’re proud to announce that the Plugable Universal USB 2.0 Docking Station (UD-160-A) is now — as of Saturday night — for sale on Amazon here in the US. And at a price around or better than any other product with similar functionality.

Because the product fulfillment is handled by Amazon, so you get their reliable same-day turnaround on orders. And all of Amazon’s consumer-focused guarantees and order support.

For more of the product details, see:
And for support forums, see:

This is a surprisingly flexible and useful device. But that can also make it hard to picture before you have one in hand. So over the coming weeks, look for a series of posts here about how to make the most of the Plugable dock, including some of the most interesting and valuable use cases on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Plug and play multiseat presentation

In getting more background from this talk, it was great to review the videos on and with all the history and background on the concept of low-cost multiseat.  Didn’t want too much history in slides, but it will come up verbally, and it’s a rich and interesting history.

The one comment the presentation generated was “what happened to all the other people on earth?” :)

Plug and Play Multiseat – Sides for Linux Plumbers Conference BoF Sept 23, 2009.

Hopefully the outcome of the conference will be more awareness and energy directed towards making this stuff “just work”.

Plug and play multiseat

[Update March 2011, the Plugable DC-125 USB Docking Client has launched]

At the annual Linux Plumber’s Conference next week in Portland, OR, I’ve signed up for a session Wednesday afternoon on plug and play multiseat.  The hope is to discuss and encourage integrating support for this scenario and hardware into Linux.

Love the conference name. No cracks about Mario throwing a wrench in the demo.