Charging the Samsung Galaxy S III

The hottest new mobile phone on the market is the Samsung Galaxy S III, and we’re eager to let everyone know that you can recharge it with the Plugable four-port hub and fast charger.

In short, you can plug the four-port charger into an electrical outlet, attach a Samsung Galaxy S III’s to the charger via its USB cables, and the Galaxy S III phone will recharge at nearly the same rate as if it was plugged directly into an electrical socket.

This works because the Samsung Galaxy S III supports the USB battery charging specification (aka BC 1.1/1.2). Following the battery charging spec means that customers can get a predictable result for recharging when the Galaxy S III is plugged it into a USB hub that also supports the charging spec. The Plugable four-port hub and fast charger is such a hub. Plugable’s 10-port and seven-port hubs don’t support battery charging even though they do have their own power adapters.

Anyone who’s ever tried to recharge a phone or tablet computer just by plugging it into a standard USB 2.0 hub knows that results aren’t often positive. Yes, sometimes it seems to work, but it’s almost by accident.  In general we can’t guarantee the desired results when either the device or the hub don’t comply with BC 1.1/1.2.

With the Samsung Galaxy S III, we can say unequivocally from our own testing that it will recharge when plugged into Plugable four-port hub and fast charger. We hope the Galaxy S III is in the forefront of a wave of devices that support the battery charging spec. But for now, the Galaxy S III’s support of the spec is another plus for a phone that’s already winning rave reviews.

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  1. George Fisher Reply

    HI, is it possible to power the plugable usb 2.0 4 port hub by battery power? I’d like to use it to play movies on my Galaxy Note while providing a small charge to the Note?

    Thanks for any ideas

    • Aaron Knopf Reply

      Hi George,

      The hub will not help you here. If you can’t plug the Note directly into the battery and both use it while getting a charge, the hub can’t change this fact. If anything, the hub controller likely would use some of the battery’s power, and you’d end up with even less juice getting through to the Note. My recommendation is to find a battery (if it exists) that’s compatible with the Note’s power requirements for using and charging the device simultaneously.

      Best Regards,

      Plugable Technologies

  2. JOSE GODOY Reply

    This hub its only for charging or for data transfer also?
    For example, can i connect a computer to this hub and a printer, and the computer will detect the printer?

    • Bernie Thompson Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Jose – The hub itself doesn’t limit charging while data transfer is happening (the BC 1.1 spec does have different amperage limits at different transfer speeds).

      But the actual behavior depends on the device. Many devices have charging-only and transfer-only modes, but won’t charge and sync at the same time.

      If the device will try it, the hub won’t stop it. Hope that background helps!

      • JOSE GODOY Reply

        Thanks for the answer.
        I have a samsung galaxy s3, i need a way to conect the s3 to a usb hub, for have enough ports to connect keyboard, mouse, and flash memory, while the phone it is charging.
        Will this usb hub work for me?

    • Bernie Thompson Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Paul – Thanks for asking! Sorry, we don’t yet have any plans to offer this BC 1.1 charging hub in the UK/EU. Frankly, charging is confusing and consumers haven’t yet caught on to the value of BC 1.1 compliance. We hope that will take off, and if it does, we will offer in the UK and would be happy to let you know. Just email if you’d like to be notified when/if we have something in the future – we can set you up. Thanks again!

  3. Dario Reply

    let me get it right: you use the s3 as host with this HUB and it will charge the battery of the host while it sync with other usb devices attached to the hub? does the s3 requite an OTG adapter to plug the hub?

    have you tried to plug this hub in the 11 pins MHL adapter for the galaxy s3 to check if the s3 can do MHL and OTG at the same time since the MHL adapter needs power to operate and this hub can supply power to the device?

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