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Plugable USB3-HUB4AC1

Plugable Launches New Aluminum SuperSpeed Hub

USB gets used for everything. Today’s tablets and ultrabooks just don’t have enough ports. You don’t want to be stressing the few ports you have with constant plugs & unplugs every time you want to use a different device.

And these same USB ports are needed for charging all your mobile devices — but charging on USB is not well standardized, and there are many devices out there (like Apple’s) that won’t charge on a “normal” USB port .. at least not while the computer is sleeping.

We designed our new USB 3.0 hub to solve both of these issues. Built in solid brushed aluminum, the Plugable USB3-HUB4AC1 provides 4 standard USB 3.0 ports with the latest chipset and firmware (VL812 firmware 9081). Plus it provides a single dedicated charging port, that will charge most devices at fast rates, even when your computer is off.

Using Aluminum for the body looks great, dissipates heat better, and is arguably more recyclable: the plastic ends can be removed, and the PCB slid out, leaving only aluminum to recycle. This new 4 port model rounds out our Aluminum USB hub line, which also includes an existing 7 port model.

Power Details

Unlike its larger 7 port predecessor, the USB3-HUB4AC1 has a 5th port dedicated to charging. This port stands out from the rest with a bold red connector. No data communication will happen here but for charging, it’s got you covered. This port replicates the Apple 2.1A charging signal. What that means is that it is fully compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. Most Android devices will also recognize this signal.  The best feature of having a dedicated charge only port is when compared to other hubs that support charging and data, most charge functions only occur when the host computer is either off, in sleep mode, or not present. This port charges independent of a host PC regardless. Charging rates are device dependent, see the USB3-HUB4AC1 product page for details.


USB3-HUB4AC1 units have been tested to work well with both Windows 8.1, and OS X 10.9.x, as well as older systems running Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and OS X systems with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Older USB 1.1 devices connected to USB 2.0 systems via the hub are also supported.


For desktop PCs where USB 3.0 ports may be hard to reach, the HUB4AC1′s design with top-facing angled ports can make connecting devices easier. The extra ports on a USB hub can also help avoid damaging built-in ports when frequently swapping devices. The built-in power button on the hub also makes for a convenient way to quickly disable all attached devices with the press of a single button, to make sure attached USB devices are off and saving power.


With the included robust 12 volt 2.5 amp power supply, more than enough power to operate several power-hungry devices is available, 30 watts to be exact. Even when charging a 2 amp tablet, there is a full 20 watts left over to power all four data ports at the full USB 3.0 900mA per port specification.

One exception of note is the Apple “SuperDrive” which requires a direct connection to a supported Mac. From

The SuperDrive is designed exclusively for use with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini’s that do not have a built-in optical drive. The SuperDrive must be directly plugged into the computer’s USB port, and cannot be used if connected to a USB hub.”

Any questions? Feel free to comment below or just email We’re happy to help. Thanks for going out of your way for Plugable products!

Plugable Aluminum 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub Plus 2A Charging Port with 30W Power Adapter (VIA VL812 Rev B2 or later chipset... Product Details

Plugable Launches the HDMI to VGA Adapter Cable

The new Plugable Passive HDMI to VGA adapter cable is a fantastic new product that does, quite literally, one thing. It allows you to connect your HDMI outputting devices to a VGA input like a monitor or projector.


The HDMI to VGA adapter cable is truly a great advance. As chips have gotten smaller we’ve been able to cram the chipsets found in giant converter boxes and bulky adapters into the nice form factor of a simple cable. The chipset is so small, you might mistake this cable for just another run-of-the-mill cable, but this so much more! With the built-in CH7101 chipset, this adapter will let you breath new life into your old displays.

The HDMI to VGA adapter cable is the time-traveler of video cables, allowing you to bridge your fancy futuristic computer with HDMI outputs to your aged monitors and legacy projectors with VGA inputs.


Plugable Launches Two Portable USB Battery Charger Banks

A portable Plugable power product for charging on-the-go is here!

PB-6K2 and PB-12K2

In fact, we’ve got two new products, the PB-12K2 and PB-6K2 Portable Battery Banks are here to help breath life into your power hungry devices on long flights or days spent out and about. With two different sizes, you can find the right battery pack for you.

Find your tablet needing to recharge mid trip? Then the PB-12K2′s slim, large capacity 12,000mAh power supply will keep your tablet going. Current generation iPads have a 11,560 mAh battery. The PB-12K2 has a 2A port which charges as quickly as Apple’s bundled charger, with enough capacity to fully recharge your iPad. It’s the perfect companion, and it works with phones and other devices too, with either 2A or 1A ports.

For a power bank designed for phones that’s a little more compact, choose the PB-6K2 battery with its 1A port. Smaller in size, but it still packs a large 6,000 mAh power supply. For comparison, the current generation iPhone 5S has a 1,560 mAh battery. You can charge it several times over and eliminate the worry of getting caught with a dead battery.

Easy to recharge from any USB port and long storage life between charge cycles means they are always ready when you need it most. It’s easy to check how much power you have remaining. With a simple push of a button, power level LEDs will let you know where you stand. These portable batteries are the perfect partner for any adventure.

And these batteries, especially the PB-12K2, is useful for powering any USB or 5V powered embedded device. You can gain mobile flexibility for powering for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other boards on the go.

Designed with compatibility in mind, the Plugable Portable Batteries can charge a multitude of devices like Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Blackberry devices, HTC smart phones, Nokia phones, Samsung phones, Motorola phones, Nintendo handheld devices (3DS, DS), Sony handheld devices (Vita, PSP), and other portable USB-based devices.

Never get caught with a dead phone or tablet again when you’re out for a long day or a short trip.

Have any questions? Just comment below or email We’re happy to help!