Plugable HDMI to VGA Active Adapter Cable


The Plugable HDMI to VGA active adapter cable provides a much needed link to the past. Do you find yourself with old monitors and projectors with only a VGA input, but your fancy new computer is missing a VGA output? This cable can solve the problem without the need of a large adapter or bulky converter. This cable provides a simple active solution to connecting your older monitors to newer computers.

This HDMI to VGA is an active cable. You may ask yourself, why does that matter? If you try to set up an HDMI cable to a VGA monitor using passive adapters (an adapter with no chipset in it) using multiple adapters, (HDMI to DVI along with a DVI to VGA adapter) to achieve the HDMI to VGA conversion, you may not have had great success with this configuration. This is due to HDMI being a digital signal, whereas VGA is an analog signal. Our Plugable HDMI to VGA active adapter cables is built with an internal CH7101A Chipset, which allows the cable to actively convert the HDMI digital signal into an analog VGA signal without the need of any bulky adapters or converter boxes, allowing you to connect your HDMI laptop to a VGA projector or monitor. Please note that VGA is not capable of carrying an audio signal, and the adapter cable will not transmit audio.


    • HDMI to VGA
    • Active cable
    • 6ft (1.8m) length
    • Durable PVC Plastic cable
    • Unique flat cable design
    • Supports a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 (60Hz)
    • CH7101A Chipset

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HDMI to VGA cable



The chart above is a list of known compatible devices with our HDMI-VGA cable, as we test more devices we’ll add them to this chart. If you have an HDMI-VGA cable that works with a device not listed here, please let us know at

Is there a suggested order for which end of the cable should be connected first?

For best results, plug in the VGA end of the cable to your display prior to plugging in the HDMI end to your output device.

Does the cable allow for both HDMI to VGA and VGA to HDMI?

No, the Plugable active HDMI to VGA cable is a one-way street only, you can only connect a HDMI output to a VGA input.

After plugging in the adapter cable, I’m no longer hearing audio playback through my system. Why is this, and how do I fix it?

Sometimes Windows will switch the playback device to the HDMI port when it detects an HDMI cable connected, even if that cable isn’t able to transmit sound. There’s a Windows setting that can be changed so that audio will continue to play through your computer speakers. The settings change should only need to be made once.

With the HDMI-VGA cable plugged in to the system, we’ll change the preferred playback device setting to tell Windows to use the computer speakers rather than trying to output over HDMI. This page has a good quick guide to where the setting is found (the process should be virtually the same for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10).

Does the HDMI to VGA cable support HDCP?

No, the Plugable active HDMI to VGA cable does not support HDCP content.

The cable does not work with my HDMI device.

The Plugable active HDMI to VGA cable requires a powered HDMI port, unfortunately the HDMI powered port standards are not widely complied with, so it is device-dependent whether the HDMI to VGA cable will work properly.