Generosity, karma, and cakes

A FedEx truck pulled into the driveway this morning. Ring – Ring.  Delivered a box, addressed to me. It was marked “perishable”, from “The Secret Spoon” company.  No other description on the otherwise white box.

Wow, weird. What is this?  My birthday isn’t this month – must be work related.

Here I am just in the earliest stages of getting things going with Plugable, having just finished at DisplayLink last month – and still feeling guilty about all I chose to leave behind.

The return address is San Diego.   Yesterday, I had some first calls with my ODM contacts about getting devices produced – boy, if this is them, they are crazy and eager.  Doubt it.

I carry it to the kitchen, and Laurie and I huddle around it, making guesses as we open it.  It’s packed in ice for overnight delivery.  No hint yet who it’s from.

And in the middle is a wonderful chocolate cake, with a card.

Good luck in the future, Bernie
With very best wishes from
your friends in Cambridge

Wow.  That’s so cool.  Kind, generous, and surprising.  And very touching to have anyone spend the time to do that.

Karma is real, not in a mystical way, but practically.  This is a surprisingly big world, and yet also a surprisingly small one. We will meet again.  And people notice how others are treated.

So to my friends in Cambridge – you’re wonderful!  So long, and thanks for all the cake1 (and may the hyperspacial express route not cross your path).

Please don’t be shy to call or email anytime.


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