Plugable’s USB keyboard and mouse don’t skimp on cable length

We’re excited to be launching our new USB keyboard and mouse with a focus on keeping things simple, functional, and affordable (at $19 you can’t beat it for a keyboard+mouse bundle like this).

Just plug in the USB cords and your keyboard and mouse are ready to use with any Windows, Mac, Linux or other system which supports standard USB keyboards and mice.

Features unusually long USB cables 1.5 meter (5 foot) so you’re not stuck with a short distance to your desktop or laptop. Familiar standard full-sized keyboard layout with low-profile keys (17mm spacing) deliver a crisp, responsive touch for added comfort. Has a full numeric keypad — none of the skimping of keys in some of the smaller replacement keyboards out there today.

Has an extra-high (two row) Enter key, with the backslash and pipe symbols on the home row. Durable ABS plastic, rugged construction. Bold, bright white characters that are easier to read and can withstand heavy use without wearing off. Sturdy flip-up tilt feet. Standard play/pause, volume up/down, mute, and internet multimedia keys.

The high-definition optical mouse has smooth, accurate cursor control. Ambidextrous shape feels good in either hand. Non-tilting scroll wheel with solid, smooth action.

This keyboard and mouse also works great with our USB multiseat terminals — the slim DC-125 and the beefier UD-160-M — to turn one computer into many.

This is a good value bundle, but also an individually great basic USB keyboard and mouse. Let us know if you have any questions about the specs or behavior or the reasons behind the product design decisions — we’ll be happy to answer. It’s available on Amazon as of today!

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