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Latest Technology for Up To 8 Monitors on Windows

Plugable is excited to be launching our new Plugable UGA-3000 USB 3.0 / 2.0 to VGA / DVI / HDMI Adapter for Multiple Monitors on Windows.

It’s available today in the USA from Amazon.com and 27 countries in Europe, through Amazon.co.uk.

It’s basically the USB 3.0 version of our most popular USB 2.0 adapter, the UGA-2K-A, but with all of DisplayLink’s latest new technology.

It’s arguably the most flexible way to add monitors to your Windows PC, including the very latest tablets, laptops, and desktops with USB 3.0 and Windows 8.

How so? In recent years, there has been a blizzard of interface types to connect monitors with PCs. The one adapter is able to support the three most popular ones: VGA, DVI, and HDMI. How does it do that? DVI-I is the one interface that’s both downward compatible with VGA, and upward compatible with HDMI. So the Plugable UGA-3000’s native DVI-I connector, along with DVI-I to VGA and DVI-I to HDMI adapters, cover all your bases. You don’t need to worry about whether your monitor will be supported (excepting a few, rare high-end DisplayPort only monitors).

One of the reasons we’ve been holding off this UGA-2K-A follow-on, is waiting for DisplayLink’s drivers to mature.

With the recent DisplayLink drivers, compatibility for all the recent flurry of advancements: USB 3.0, Windows 8, etc. — has hit a stable point.

We still sometimes find that firmware and drivers of USB 3.0 host controllers (on the motherboard) have to be updated for many USB 3.0 devices to work, but mostly those problems are receding as newer systems are released.

And on Windows 8, DisplayLink has squashed most new issues. The one that remains and will remain because it’s a new restriction, is Windows 8 tightens DRM policies for video playback Metro applications. They won’t play in the presence of the DisplayLink driver. This is because DisplayLink has to redirect pixels make the technology work, and Microsoft is locking down what software can be in the video playback path for Metro applications. For this reason, you’ll want to use the browser-based versions of applications like Netflix and Hulu (which don’t then hit this limitation), and avoid buying DRM’d versions of Windows app store videos. If this limitation is a problem, unfortunately all USB graphics solutions are out.

And as usual, USB graphics is not a gaming technology – 3D games should be played on your main screen.

All those details about 3D and video aside, this is an amazing technology. For information workers that needs to multitask – programmers, stock traders, accountants, researchers, writers, etc – multiple monitors is a huge productivity boost by letting you simultaneously work on a ton of web pages, documents, and spreadsheets at once.

Here’s a video of what it can look like with a good USB 3.0 hub like our Plugable 7 port USB 3.0 hub and the new UGA-3000 we’re announcing and shipping today.

Let us know if you’d like us to update this to a “8 monitors on Windows 8” video. 🙂 And if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, visit our support site, or email support@plugable.com. The same people here in Seattle, WA who design the products and documentation, are the ones who support them via our online support mechanisms. We’re here to help.

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