Transform Your Surface Pro into a Full Desktop

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    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Thanks! If you have any tricks you’ve done, would be great to post any particular setup tips or anything that might be useful to others. Thanks again, Bernie.

      • Bernie Thompson Reply

        Hi Shefner – That’s correct. This requires software drivers to be installed, and that’s not supported on Windows RT (ARM-based Windows), thus not on the ARM-based Surface RT or Surface 2. Sorry for the bad news!

  1. jennings Reply

    I’m very pleased with the plugable dock plus surface pro combination. The only slight drawback is this: the usb cable clearly serves as a bottleneck for screen resolution. I use a 30″ Dell monitor, and, when the monitor was plugged into the dock, I was limited to 1280 x 800 resolution. I’ve gotten around this by plugging the monitor’s dvi cable into an adapter and using the mini port.

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Jennings – Thanks for the kind words! Dell 30″ monitors with a native resolution of 2560×1600 have one limitation that’s somewhat uncommon — the monitor doesn’t have a scaler, so it supports two modes: its native mode and the mode exactly half that. Since the UD-3000’s max resolution is 2048×1152, that makes 1280×800 the next lower mode that’s common to both. Glad you found a workaround for getting the higher resolution by direct connect (leaving the spare port on the UD-3000 to get a 3rd monitor, if you wanted it). Thanks again!

  2. Steve Reply

    Will this allow me to use my iMac 27 inch (mid 2010) as an external monitor for my Surface Pro? I assume I would have to purchase a DVI to MDP adaptor to enable this.

  3. David Roberts Reply

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your comment. It looks like the iMac 27 inch supports MDP output, but not MDP input, so it looks like it will not work as an external monitor for the Surface Pro and our USB 3.0 docking station, even if you have a DVI to MDP adaptor.

  4. David Reply

    Hello. I am a mac user and seriously considering moving to the Surface Pro 2. I have dual Samsung SyncMaster S22B310 monitors. Will they work with this configuration?

    • Gary Zeller Reply

      Hi David – Though we haven’t specifically tested these monitors with our docking stations, based on the specifications I expect they would work. Since the monitors have a DVI and VGA inputs, you could use the DVI port on the dock (converted to VGA using the included adapter if you wish) for one of the monitors. For the other monitor, you would need an HDMI to DVI cable to attach the dock to the DVI port.

      If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at and we’ll be glad to assist!

  5. Terence Reply

    Hi, I have a surface pro and have plugged the vga cable from the docking station to the monitor, but it is not working. I’ve updated to the most updated driver. Any way I can trouble shoot the issue ? Thanks!

    • Patric Neumann Reply

      Hello Terrence,

      I am sorry to hear this. Please contact us directly at with your amazon order ID as well as a PlugDebug ( Please be sure to have the docking station connected to your computer with its monitor attached when running PlugDebug and attach the resulting zip file in the reply.

      Kind regards,
      Plugable Technologies

  6. Terry Gastauer Reply

    I just connected a Plugable USB3-3900DHE to my Surface Pro 4. It’s great but I only have one USB port so I can’t connect a mouse. Do you have anything that will work with the setup I just installed or do I need to upgrade to the Plugable UD-3900 Dual Display Universal Docking Station?

    • David Roberts Reply

      Hi Terry, Thanks for commenting! You can use one of our powered USB hubs to connect a mouse and other items. A powered USB 3.0 hub like our USB3-HUB7BC would be a good choice because you can plug it into your computer, then plug the3900HDE display adapter into it, along with a mouse and several other USB devices without having to worry about them all having to share the limited power supplied by the one port on your computer.

      • Terry Gastauer Reply

        Hi David,

        Thanks for your quick response. Would your Bluetooth mouse also be a limited solution?


        • David Roberts Reply

          Hi Terry,

          Yes! The Bluetooth mouse would be a great solution if a mouse was all you need and you don’t have any other USB devices to connect.


  7. Amir Rosenblatt Reply

    I have two major problems with this interface
    1.My surface crushes whenever it is restarted plugged to the pluggable usb
    2. Sometimes though it is connected (and the mouse works) the screens will not be recognized and do not work

    I would be greatfull for any solution

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