Plugable Launches the USB-C3T USB 3-Port Charging Station

With so many USB devices such as phones and tablets needing wall wart style adapters to charge, it is very easy to run out of power outlets. The USB-C3T can help solve the dwindling wall outlets conundrum by offering an additional 3 USB charging ports. In addition, it’s small size and lengthy cable make it very easy to create the perfect charging setup.

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The USB-C3T is compatible with a multitude of devices that charge over USB. We’ve had the chance to do a bit of testing ourselves. We’ve seen a lot of different devices charge with the USB-C3T; Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Kindle devices, Nexus phones/tablets, Samsung products, Chromebooks, the Dell Venue 8 Pro, and even our own new Plugable Wristband Watches! For those with a more technical curiosity, each port on the USB-C3T provides the Apple 1A signal. Click here for detailed charging information.

The USB-C3T also includes a single smart charging port which is capable of automatically selecting the best charging method for the device attached. This feature can potentially charge some devices a lot faster. We’ve seen that devices like the Google Nexus 7 tablet and the HTC HD2 phone can charge at nearly double their normal charging rate.


Lastly, the USB-C3T is perfect for travel. Not only does it solve the problem of needing to carry around the various AC adapters for your power hungry devices. The 3-port charging station sports a long 4.5′ detachable power cable, allowing for the USB-C3T to compress into a nice small package for when you’re on the go.

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