Plugable Launches Two Portable USB Battery Charger Banks

A portable Plugable power product for charging on-the-go is here!

PB-6K2 and PB-12K2

In fact, we’ve got two new products, the PB-12K2 and PB-6K2 Portable Battery Banks are here to help breath life into your power hungry devices on long flights or days spent out and about. With two different sizes, you can find the right battery pack for you.

Find your tablet needing to recharge mid trip? Then the PB-12K2’s slim, large capacity 12,000mAh power supply will keep your tablet going. Current generation iPads have a 11,560 mAh battery. The PB-12K2 has a 2A port which charges as quickly as Apple’s bundled charger, with enough capacity to fully recharge your iPad. It’s the perfect companion, and it works with phones and other devices too, with either 2A or 1A ports.

For a power bank designed for phones that’s a little more compact, choose the PB-6K2 battery with its 1A port. Smaller in size, but it still packs a large 6,000 mAh power supply. For comparison, the current generation iPhone 5S has a 1,560 mAh battery. You can charge it several times over and eliminate the worry of getting caught with a dead battery.

Easy to recharge from any USB port and long storage life between charge cycles means they are always ready when you need it most. It’s easy to check how much power you have remaining. With a simple push of a button, power level LEDs will let you know where you stand. These portable batteries are the perfect partner for any adventure.

And these batteries, especially the PB-12K2, is useful for powering any USB or 5V powered embedded device. You can gain mobile flexibility for powering for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other boards on the go.

Designed with compatibility in mind, the Plugable Portable Batteries can charge a multitude of devices like Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Blackberry devices, HTC smart phones, Nokia phones, Samsung phones, Motorola phones, Nintendo handheld devices (3DS, DS), Sony handheld devices (Vita, PSP), and other portable USB-based devices.

Never get caught with a dead phone or tablet again when you’re out for a long day or a short trip.

Have any questions? Just comment below or email We’re happy to help!

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  1. Matthew O'Tuama Reply

    Hi … You mention powering as well as charging…. Would it power a sound devices usbpre 2 audio usb interface reliably ? 5v 500mA max usb power required on that …..thanks

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