Plugable Launches the HDMI to VGA Adapter Cable

The new Plugable Passive HDMI to VGA adapter cable is a fantastic new product that does, quite literally, one thing. It allows you to connect your HDMI outputting devices to a VGA input like a monitor or projector.


The HDMI to VGA adapter cable is truly a great advance. As chips have gotten smaller we’ve been able to cram the chipsets found in giant converter boxes and bulky adapters into the nice form factor of a simple cable. The chipset is so small, you might mistake this cable for just another run-of-the-mill cable, but this so much more! With the built-in CH7101 chipset, this adapter will let you breath new life into your old displays.

The HDMI to VGA adapter cable is the time-traveler of video cables, allowing you to bridge your fancy futuristic computer with HDMI outputs to your aged monitors and legacy projectors with VGA inputs.

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25 comments on “Plugable Launches the HDMI to VGA Adapter Cable”

  1. HDMI lover Reply

    what about bridging VGA OUT laptops to HDMI screens, will this cable work for that too?

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      No, the Plugable HDMI-VGA cable is only for going from HDMI from the laptop or source, to VGA on a display or projector. It will do nothing in the other direction.

      Going from HDMI to DVI requires an active chip to process the video stream to do digital to analog conversion (DAC). That’s why cables and adapters like this only support one direction for conversion.

      Hope that background helps. Thanks for asking!

  2. Dudley Rose Reply

    Will this work with Chromebooks. I read on Amazon that it requires a powered HDMI port, which I didn’t think Chromebooks have.

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Thanks for asking. Yes, power from the HDMI port is required, and the amount available on different HDMI sources can vary. That said, this cable (our Plugable HDMI-VGA) uses the lowest power chip available on the market), and has worked on every Chromebook we’ve tested so far. If you hit a case that doesn’t work, please let us know! (and a refund is always no problem). Thanks!

  3. berger292 Reply

    Can I plug this cable into the HDMI port of your Plugable UD-3900 on one end and an ordinary VGA monitor on the other? That is to say, will it let me hook up a second VGA monitor directly to the 3900? If so, that’s brilliant!

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Thanks for asking! Yes, our UD-3900 has enough power on the port to drive the HDMI-VGA cable. So it can be used for any compatible monitor from the dock’s HDMI port. Thanks!

      • berger292 Reply

        I got the cable and when I hooked it up to my LG W2242T monitor. For some reason, subtle color differences did not display. For example, the “selected” email in gmail’s list of emails normally displays in a light yellow background, but with this cable, it had the same white background as all the other emails. Is this simply a function of trying to run HDMI on a VGA monitor, or is there something I can do about it?


  4. Jim Reply

    Can I hook up a micro-hdmi adapter to this? Basically use this on the Asus t-100?

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Jim – Thanks for asking, Yes. Connecting through a Micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter shouldn’t cause any special problems. Just email us ( if you have any trouble. Thanks!

  5. daniel Reply

    hi do you have any 15 feet or longer plugable cable?
    If not any adapter that you can recommend to increase the length.

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Daniel – Only that length, but you can also pair with a longer cable on the VGA side. Anything longer than 15′ or so on the VGA cable side might have EDID problems (not able to detect monitor). But 3m / 15′ or less should be fine. That, in combination with the 1.8m / 6ft length of our HDMI-VGA cable gets you a little extra distance. Thanks for asking!

  6. Cedric Reply

    I ordered that cable and while waiting for it to come here, I wonder where in the cable is the chip located?
    For me the best place would be in the VGA connector to reduce the length of analog wiring and avoid EMI noise (that wavy pattern we can see with cheap unshielded vga cables).

    Please, don’t disappoint me 🙂

    • Cedric Reply

      Just a feedback to tell the cable works perfectly on an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH 🙂

  7. Susie Reply

    i have a question i recently bought a lighting to vga apadter to connect my ipad to the tv but found out that my tv does not have a vga port… what can i do?

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi – Sorry, this product can’t help (it’s only for conversion from HDMI to VGA; you’re looking for a product that does the opposite conversion). Unfortunately, those products are more rare. You might be better off returning the cable you purchased and buying a lightning to HDMI solution like However, we don’t sell that kind of product. Thanks for asking though!

  8. Patrice Leduc Reply

    Hi, I have a legacy projector with a 9 pin db9 socket… would this cable work if I add a db9 to db15 adaptor to it ?

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Patrice – We’re not 100% certain as that scenario hasn’t been tested. But in theory it should work (taking care to get male/female right). If you decide to try and can post here with the result, that would be a great help to others. And it doesn’t, a return and refund is no problem at all. Sorry we don’t have a more definitive answers. Thanks for asking ahead!

  9. Mike Principato Reply

    I’m hoping I’m doing something wrong for which someone can offer a quick fix, since I had such high hopes for the HMDM-VGA Adapter Cable I just received. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get my Dell Inspiron 5421 (Win10) to display on an LG E2250T display, with no success. When I connect the cable to my HDMI port, with cable already connected to the LG display, both my screens go dark. I’ve tried all the available settings and even restarted the laptop with the cable connected…nothing works. Any help would be appreciated!

  10. Narasimhulu Oruganti Reply

    Hi All,

    Is this HDMI to VGA converter module will work for any embedded target hardware like Freescale iMX6 or TI’s AM335x. Please any one can clear my doubts.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  11. Bob Boerner Reply

    We haven’t tested our cable with embedded devices like you describe so we would not be able to guarantee the cable would function properly. The converter chip in our cable requires a certain amount of power from the HDMI port to run, and our fear would be the low-powered embedded device would not be able to drive it properly. We have tested the cable with the Raspberry Pi and it does not work, so I would presume you would run into the same limitation. As we can’t guarantee compatibility we would not recommend our cable for your application.

    Thank you,

    Plugable Technologies

  12. laura Reply

    Will this cable work with Google Chromebook? I need it to connect Chromebook to a projector. Thanks Laura

    • amanda Reply

      Thanks for commenting, Laura! We haven’t tested every Chromebook model with our HDMI-VGA cable, but the ones we have tested are compatible with the cable.

      Our HDMI-VGA cable will most likely work with your Chromebook and projector. Since VGA connections don’t support audio, you’ll need a separate setup for audio.

      Please feel free to contact us directly with any other questions by emailing us at and reference ticket #139181 in your message.

      Thank You,

      Plugable Technologies

  13. pa Reply

    Will this work with GTX 1060 (-70, -80) videocard?
    In other words is this “active” HDMI to VGA adapter?

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