New Plugable 5-Port Smart USB Charging Station

A USB Charger with better compatibility, more power, and lower cost.

With so many USB devices such as phones and tablets needing wall wart style adapters to charge, it is easy to run out of power outlets. Buying spare or replacement device-specific chargers for each one is an expensive mess. The Plugable USB-C5T can help solve the dwindling wall outlets conundrum by offering 5 USB charging ports off of one wall outlet. Its small size and longer power cable make it easy to create a great charging setup.

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USB charging is standardizing around the Battery Charging 1.2 standard. But for now, there are still a lot of legacy devices on the market which require proprietary signals to charge. The USB-C5T supports BC 1.2, and also has a smart IC to detect all of the major proprietary charging methods on the market. USB-C5T vs. Apple 12W Charger

Supported devices include all existing Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Kindle devices, Nexus phones/tablets, Samsung products, the Dell Venue 8 Pro, and even our power banks

Note this is a dedicated charger – it’s not a USB hub (there’s no USB “B” port for connecting back to a PC). The included cable connects back to a US wall plug. Connecting into the charger, you use the USB charging cables that already come with each of your devices.

The middle three ports on the USB-C5T provide an Apple 1A signal (the most common proprietary method, recognized by most devices), while the outer two are equipped for smart charging and will be recognized by devices looking for Apple 1A, 2.1A, or Samsung 2.4A signaling and most importantly, any of the current and future generations of BC 1.2 compatible devices.

The two GL888 smart charging ports are capable of automatically selecting the best charging method for the device attached. This feature can potentially charge some devices that do not charge on the regular Apple 1A port and can charge some devices a lot faster!


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