Plugable Launches USB 7-Port Hub with 60W of Power and Best Available Charge and Sync Support

ChargingHubHow many devices do you use on a daily basis that charge using a USB cable?

I personally have five. My smartphone is the constant companion, and with it goes the Plugable power bank for those heavy use days (which I seem do to entirely too much). Then there’s the stuff that stays at home: my tablet that gets dedicated to couch browsing, my wireless headset, and the eReader that tucks me in at night.

All of these devices came with their own wall adapter which just languish in a power outlet wasting energy on standby and leaving a trail of tangled up USB cables. A universal charging station like the Plugable USB-C5T is an excellent solution to charge all of these devices, but what about when you need to synchronize data as well?

This is why we are excited to introduce our new Plugable USB 2.0 7 Port Hub and BC 1.2 Fast Charger. This is a full USB 2.0 hub for connecting a PC, Mac, Linux, or other computer to add up to 7 additional USB devices. It also provides new, advanced compatibility for devices which support the new BC 1.2 charging standard: charging and syncing (“Charging Downstream Port” or CDP mode) and charging with only the hub’s power adapter and no PC (“Dedicated Charging Port” or DCP mode). We have also included a much more robust 60W UL-certified power adapter (12v 5A output, ~10A at USB’s 5V) which helps support charging on all 7 ports.

Note that not all phones or tablets support the new BC 1.2 standard or all parts of it. Specific supported devices include all Apple iPads and iPhones with Lightning connectors, along with many newer Android devices including Amazon’s Kindle Fire line of tablets. Older Apples (30-pin) and other phones and tablets do not support the BC 1.2 standard at all, so they won’t charge. Other devices may charge but not sync. All of these behaviors are determined by the phone or tablet, and so will vary by device. Please check our compatibility charts on the USB2-HUB7BC product page.

So ask yourself: Would you rather have seven different chargers taking up space and wasting energy, or would you rather have an all in one charging hub?

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Just ask below or email anytime. Thanks for going out of your way for Plugable products!

11 comments on “Plugable Launches USB 7-Port Hub with 60W of Power and Best Available Charge and Sync Support”

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Our new 7-Port hub works great with the Surface Pro 2 — but doesn’t charge it. For a solution like our special dock for the Dell Venue 8 Pro — a Surface dock would require Microsoft’s blessing (proprietary connector), and we’d probably go to Surface 3. And we have no plans yet. But it’s great feedback. Thanks!

  1. Mark Reply

    Some USB hubs go into some sort of power-saving mode after a time period which a) plays havoc with USB disks that appear to be abruptly disconnected for a laptop perspective and b) stop USB keyboard/mouse activity from waking up my laptop.

    Does this 7-port HUB go into any sort of sleep mode or power saving mode and if so, can it be disabled?

    • Sam Morgan Reply

      All USB hubs have some standby/suspend states in order to comply with the USB standard, but they aren’t actually controlled by the hub itself. The operating system will tell the hub what power state to go in to, and most of the time you can control this with power options.

  2. Merel Reply

    This device is released very late when USB 2.0 is almost dead.
    What about an USB 3.0 equivalent 7-port hub/charger on all ports ?

    The existing model USB-HUB7-81X is designed to be a hub (NOT to be considered as having charging ability at same time on all ports, yet still delivers 900mA/port).

    Correct me if I’m wrong

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Merel – Thanks, yes – you’re right on. We’re working on things in this area. Thanks for the great feedback!

  3. Sam Reply

    We purchased 4 of these for use in the UK – We’ve tested them – we love them.

    Now we can’t purchase them in the UK!!

    Whats happening? We are ready to place a bulk order!! Please help.

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Sam – I’m sorry, sales in the UK and EU got ahead of us. We have units in transit but they’re in a container at sea. We expect to be back in stock by end of December. If you are interested, we can email you when back in stock. Just send a quick email to requesting to be notified when they’re available. My apologies and thanks for your patience!

    • Joshua Henry Reply

      Technically yes, but we recommend against this. Often cars do not tightly regulate power so voltages can fluctuate between 11-14V erratically and could have unforeseen consequences to the hub or devices attached to it.

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