Plugable Launches the Pro8 Docking Station (UD-PRO8) for Tablets like the Dell Venue 8 Pro

Update: November 25th, 2014 – We’ve confirmed the HP Stream 7 is compatible with the Pro8 and we have had reports from customers that the HP Stream 8, Toshiba Encore Mini along with the ASUS VivoTab Smart 10.1 may be compatible as well. For a list of compatible tablets click here.

One year ago we demonstrated our UD-3900 USB 3.0 universal docking station with the newly released Dell Venue 8 Pro 8″ Windows tablet on YouTube. Our video has been a huge success – to date we’ve had over 225000 views, nearly 1000 likes, almost 500 comments, and got retweeted by Michael Dell. The overwhelmingly positive response from our audience prompted us to take action to try to tackle the unsolved problem of simultaneously charging and using a USB docking station over a the one available micro-b USB port.

Those of you who have been following this project are likely aware of the Kickstarter we launched in June and successfully funded in July. With the help of crowd funding we were able to bring the UD-PRO8 to life.


The Pro8 is the world’s first all-in-one docking solution designed to charge the Dell Venue 8 Pro, Nextbook 8 (Win 8.1), and Lenovo Miix 2 8″ tablets while simultaneously connecting external USB devices. The Pro8 unlocks an amazing amount of potential on compatible tablets like these. Microsoft heavily discounts or gives away full versions of Windows 8.1 only with 8″ or smaller tablets, with the theory that such a small screen and few ports is limiting enough that these systems won’t compete with full Windows PCs. Our Pro8 docking station is a game-changing device that allows these small 8″ tablets to function as desktop replacements with the multi-monitor, network, audio, and USB connectivity options of a full desktop PC.

We have completed the first wave of shipping Pro8 docks to our Kickstarter backers and are excited to finally announce availability on Amazon US for $89 / $99 for CA. The timing couldn’t have worked out better with the holiday season fast approaching. Those with friends and family looking for an inexpensive tablet may want to consider combining our Pro8 with the newly released Nextbook 8 due to it’s aggressive pricing of $149 exclusively from Walmart with Windows 8.1 and a one year free subscription to Office 365 Personal. Through December 31st they are also including a 16GB Micro SD card for free (ours shipped with a Kingston class 4).

Better yet, beginning on Thursday November 27th at 8PM (local time) they are offering the tablet for just $99 as an early Black Friday deal. Combined with our Pro8 docking station, for about $200 you can have a good entry level tablet & desktop replacement.

We would like to point out however that the Nextbook 8 is on a lower performance tier than the Venue 8 Pro and Lenovo Miix 2 8″ with only 1GB on RAM and a 16GB SSD, but unlike the Venue or Miix, there is a built in mini HDMI port which is a nice addition.

For those already using and excited about the Pro8, we’d encourage you to spread the word on twitter with any pics and another info you want to share, using the hash tag #pro8

And if you have any questions or problems at all, let us know.  Our entire Plugable Technologies team is located in Seattle, WA and we’re here to help! If needed, contact our support team here.

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28 comments on “Plugable Launches the Pro8 Docking Station (UD-PRO8) for Tablets like the Dell Venue 8 Pro”

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      We have been waiting for UK power plugs. They’ve just arrived. We expect shipment to UK and listing there by end of month. Thanks for asking!

    • Rodney Reply

      What power input does this have?
      There is a desire for something like this in the Automotive world..

      A 7″ or 8″ screen can be retrofitted easily to a standard double din radio slot. And there would likely be room for this to sit behind it or somewhere else near by if it can be run off DC.

      • Joshua Henry Reply

        The dock uses a 5V DC input with a 4.72mm barrel (-) / 1.6mm pin (+). You should be able to easily find a 12V (wide range 11-15V) to 5V DC to DC regulator capable of at least 4A that would be able to power the dock.

        • Frank Reply

          Never say never my friend.
          Yes you can,…..I did.

          Full regulation. I been installing mini-itx CarPCs for many years in autos.
          So I picked up the $99 Nextbook at Walmart to simplify my newer install.
          I always used some kind of regulation to any motherboard, so this is no different.
          I suggest to use something like this if you want to use in your auto……

          Good Luck. 🙂

      • Bernie Thompson Reply

        Hi Rod – It’s in interesting scenario, but since the dock has 5V input (vs. car at 12V), it may be a bit of a mismatch. Thanks for posting!

        • Frank Reply

          interesting scenario,… huh? really.
          Go to, and read, read and read and look at some installs my friend.
          Never say never. A bunch of us bought your dock and been very happy with it.
          I must say. a well made unit. I may get another for a upcoming install this summer.

          And if full regulation is a concern for some users of the dock, I suggest this 12v-5v dc/dc regulator.
          I very nice unit I must say. 😉

  1. Stewart Hyde Reply

    I just process one of these UD-PRO8’s from Amazon for my Lenovo and remember how it work on my UD-3900 – now it great to be able to have charge.

    I am curious if it can be use with other machines as USB 2.0 doc – or is that not recommended.

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Stewart – Yes, all the connectivity functions work with any Windows machine, it’s just the charging that’s specific to the Dell Venue 8 Pro and the other specifically listed tablets. Thanks for asking!

  2. Fred Reply

    I recevied my UD-Pro8 docking station and it works fine with my Dell Venue 8 Pro (5000 series). Does it works with Dell Venue 8 Pro, the 3000 series?

    • Joshua Henry Reply

      We’ve not had a chance to try the 3000 yet. We’ll be sure to update our compatibility list when we do, or if any users report to us it is working.

    • Joshua Henry Reply

      We will have a limited quantity of UD-PRO8 docks on in the next few weeks. Units will ship with EU, UK, and US power plug inserts.

  3. buddyrich Reply

    Do you make a device that just provides a USB port and charging (not unlike OTG+power y cables), but actually works with the tablets you mention. Looking for a OTG+charge cable that actually works with the Stream 7 as I want to run it as a kiosk but use a USB peripheral, but dont need the extra stuff this dock provides.

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      We don’t currently. We’ve focused on the all-in-one dock solution. You’ll likely want the solution to have it’s own power, so even if not all functions are used (e.g. only powered hub and Ethernet), it may be the right solution. Hope that background helps. Thanks for asking!

      • buddyrich Reply

        At $99 (basically same price as the tablet) its overkill for my needs, and bulky for the space I was planning to use it in (its basically the size of the table).

        Totally worth it with the included stand, USB hub, ethernet and display ports and power supply built in, granted, but I was hopping for a smaller solution. The +port and Vener8 seem too hacky to consider.

        OTOH I ended up ordering a DVP8 and the Dell Charge+OTG cable as it is guaranteed to work and it better fits my space.

        Please consider a smaller Charge and OTG device though.

      • Scott Reply

        Would also like a Charge+OTG cable for Stream 7
        Want to seal the tablet with a USB device (except power connector and device cables) then access the tablet using RDP or Teamviewer through WIFI

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Joe – Yes, we’ve run through our initial Kickstarter production run. We have more units on the way, unfortunately will be about 2 weeks. If you’d like to get an email as soon as they’re back in stock, just sent a quick email to asking to be notified when the UD-PRO8 is back. Thanks for your patience! Bernie

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Thanks for the kind words! Units are in flight to EU, we hope to be in stock around 12/22. However, it’s a very small number of units and we may go out of stock again quickly. We expect to catch up with demand in mid January. Thanks for your patience!

    • Sachiko Reply

      Hello Nobu,

      We’ve sent the UD-PRO8 units out to Amazon Japan: we expect they will be available within a week. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding to the product specs or others.

      当ドッキングステーションに関しコメントをいただきありがとうございました。UD-PRO8は来週(1月 12日の週)ごろにアマゾン・ジャパン様より販売を開始する予定です。もしも製品の仕様や対応タブレットの種類などに関するご質問等がありましたら、お気軽にnihongo@plugable.comまでメールでお問い合わせください。ご自身のタブレットがDell Venue 8 Pro でない場合は、ぜひご購入前に当製品との互換性についてお問い合わせください。よろしくお願いいたします。

    • Joshua Henry Reply

      We’ve not test the Lenovo Miix 2 11″ but since that tablet has an optional keyboard dock from Lenovo with a full size USB port, any USB docking station would be compatible.

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