New Plugable USB Fast Ethernet Adapter Brings Wired Ethernet Directly to Your Tablet’s MicroUSB Port

You are in a hotel room in a far-away city and you need to access the internet through your tablet. But there’s no WIFI! Only a hard-wired Ethernet connection. What do you do?

2_512In the past, with many popular tablets, you could reach for your trusty Plugable USB2-E100 Fast Ethernet adapter and get connected, but you needed a special OTG (On-The-Go) cable between its standard USB connector and the MicroUSB port on your tablet. It worked great, but the OTG cable was small and easy to lose. It often ended up as the weak link in your network access.

Now Plugable is proud to introduce the USB2-OTGE100, a new USB Fast Ethernet adapter that completely eliminates the need for an OTG cable. Instead of the standard USB connector of the E100, it features a male MicroUSB connector that plugs directly into the MircoUSB port on your portable device. You can ditch the OTG cable and use a wired LAN connection with ease.

Like the E100, the new USB2-OTGE100 features a compact design that fits easily in your pocket or bag. On one end there is a RJ45 connector that fits any standard Ethernet cable. On the other end is a wire that terminates in a male MicroUSB B connector that fits into the MicroUSB port found on most Windows and Android tablets and Android smartphones. It’s powered through the USB port, so no batteries or AC adapter are needed.

Although the OTGE100 is a lifesaver when all you have is a wired internet connection, using it to connect directly to a network has other benefits even when WIFI is available. Wired connections offer increased reliability and faster speed than WIFI (802.11)–especially when the signal is weak or far away, or when many people are using the network.

The OTGE100 uses the same ASIX AX88772 chipset as the USB2-E100. It is supported out of the box by nearly all tablets that feature Windows 8.1, including the Venue 8 Pro, Acer Iconia tablets, the HP Stream 7, Lenovo Miix 2, and the Nextbook 8. It is also supported by many tablets with Android versions 4.0 and later, including Nexus 7 first generation out of the box and second generation with Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop) or later. Many ASUS tablets are also supported. Unfortunately, Kindles and most Samsung tablets aren’t supported. The OTGE100 also works with many Android smartphones, including the Nexus 5 and the Moto X. Check the product page for the OTGE100 for a list of devices that we’ve tested with it.

Plugable’s new USB2-OTGE100 Fast Ethernet Adapter is a great way to get connected. Take it with you and leave that OTG cable at home!

If you have any questions at all, please comment below or email We’re happy to help!

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116 comments on “New Plugable USB Fast Ethernet Adapter Brings Wired Ethernet Directly to Your Tablet’s MicroUSB Port”

  1. Wigglesworth Reply

    can i connect using an ordinary modem and can it be connected to datawind ubislate 3g7 ple answer fast

  2. Jonny Harbinson Reply

    I have a hudl 2 tablet running on android 4.4.2. Will it be compatible with this cable?

  3. Damian Reply

    Does it support hp stream 7 tablet , running windows 8.1 operating system

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Yes – the HP Stream 7 Windows tablet is confirmed to work. Thanks for asking!

  4. Sujay Deb Reply

    I use Lenovo A3300-GV tab with micro usb to ethernet support. But it connect through router. when I use directly from local cable operator’s provided cat 5e cable its require IP setteing (IP, subnet, default gateway, DNS) for internet. But I can’t configure my ethernet setting which I able to set in desktop or laptop. I already rooted my device and download one app named “ethernet droid” but its not working. I change ip manually but it not effected. Can anybody help with proper guide

    • Bernado82 Reply

      Perhaps you can activate on your Lenovo tablet the display of (hidden) ethernet configuration menu in Android parameter by editing build.prop file. On my Haier E701 tablet (Kitkat 4.4.4) i have edited the following line:

      ro.rk.ethernet_enable=true (false was the default value!)

      My tablet use Rockchip processor, on your Lenovo tablet (MediaTek CPU?) this line, if present, will have another name. You have just to search the ethernet word in build.prop file.

  5. David Roberts Reply

    Thank you for posting! Android tablets are locked down, which means the necessary configuration files for internet are extremely difficult to change, and this is not possible through the normal UI, as you have seen. If possible, I think the best solution would be to add a router to your network.

  6. scrivener Reply

    Does this adapter also recharge device while supplying ethernet connection to modem?

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, the answer is no. The USB2-OTGE100 adapter has no external power source, so it draws power from your device. Also, most tablets and phones cannot charge will acting as a host in OTG mode. Some devices, such as the Nvidia Shield, can change and use an Ethernet adapter simultaneously, if you use an OTG “Y” cable, but it is an exception, not the rule. The Dell Venue Pro 8 and a few other Windows 8.1 tablets can charge while accessing the internet and connected to an external display with our UD-PRO8 docking station. I hope this helps!

  7. Thomas Reply

    If the LAN cable is connected to a Power over Ethernet switch, does the USB2-OTGE100 still draw power from the smartphone/tablet or from the PoE port ?

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Thomas – Sorry, no, the adapter will not power itself from a PoE switch. It only powers itself from the USB side. Thanks for asking!

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Daniel – Sorry, no — Android, iOS, and Windows Phone don’t have any function like that with USB Ethernet adapters like this. Thanks for asking!

        • Sachiko Reply

          Hi there,

          If you are talking about Samsung Note 5 phone, I don’t think this adapter is compatible. As far as we know any Samsung smartphone doesn’t support the chip set AX88772, while some newer Samsung tablets do.
          Please remember, the manufacture decides if their Android device supports this adapter or not, since Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver.

  8. Ronald Reply

    What kind of speeds can be expected through the device while hardwired? I have cable internet that can teach up to 150 mbps. Will I be able to see these speeds on a speedtest?

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      For a Fast Ethernet adapter like this, 100 Mbps theoretical and 90 Mbps practical. For 150 Mbps, you’ll want a Gigabit Ethernet adapter like our with a USB OTG cable if you’re connecting it to a tablet with a micro-b port. Hope that helps, thanks!

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi Daniel – sorry, we don’t have a product like that. I do believe some exist elsewhere, though. Thanks.

  9. manuel scano Reply

    Hi Bernie, I have used this wired conection with motog2013, xiaomi mipad, gigaset qv1030, pipo p1, but I cant connect my new xiaomi redmi note 2, maybe because of mediatek proccessor helio x10?

  10. Bill M Reply

    The article above states that the OTGE100 works with the Nexus 7 2nd gen tablet, I updated my Nexus 7 to Marshmallow (Android 6). Is ethernet support removed from Marshmallow? I cannot find ethernet settings and can’t get the OTGE100 to work.

  11. Bill M Reply

    The article above states that the OTGE100 works with the Nexus 7 2nd gen. tablet. I updated my Nexus 7 to Marshmallow. Has ethernet support been removed from Marshmallow? I cannot find ethernet settings nor can I get the OTGE100 to work.

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Thank you for posting the question! Has your Nexus 7 (2013) connected to your network before with the same USB2-OTGE100 adapter, but stopped working after updating the Android into Marshmallow?

      I don’t think the support of this driver has removed from Marshmallow, but so far we have tested Nexus 7 (2013) with Lollipop. I’ll test it with Marshmallow then will post the result later. Thank you for your patience!

      • Olof Sandberg Reply

        Hi, do you have updated results for this? I’m about to buy a Nexus 7 and the ethernet support is very important.

        • Sachiko Reply

          Hi Olof,

          We have tested it and the results are posted in the Android compatibility list:

          Unfortunately, Nexus 5 and 7 stopped supporting this adapter (AX88772 chip set) with 5.1.1. We’ve been tested the compatibility of 6.0.x since last Nov. through the latest March updates, but none of the Marshmallow build has fixed the driver issue.

          Please note, it’s completely device manufacturer’s decision.
          As far as we know, this adapter still works with some of the Motorola’s Android devices with 6.0.x, and works with Nexus Player 6.0.x. Hope this helps!

    • Sachiko Reply

      Hi there,

      Regarding to the compatibility with Android devices, it’s up to the Android side. If the device driver for AX88772 has been pre-installed and active, this adapter works. If not, since Android basically doesn’t allow users to install external device drivers, it won’t work.

      If the device driver was there, this adapter would start working when plugged in. Actually that is almost only the way to figure out if this adapter is compatible with that Android device or not. I am sorry but we haven’t tested the Acer Iconia Tab A1-830 yet, hence aren’t sure. If you plugged it in but didn’t work, probably it’s not compatible.
      We have compatible list on the USB2-OTGE100 product page.

    • Sachiko Reply

      Hi Kenji,

      Regarding to the compatibility with Android devices, it’s up to the Android side. We aren’t sure until the adapter was tested with the particular Android device manufacturer, model and the version of OS. We are sorry but we haven’t tested nor heard back from our customers yet about the ASUS Zenfone MAX ZC55KL yet, and have no idea if this Ethernet adapter works or not. If the necessary device driver was built-in, this adapter will be working when you plugged in. But if the driver wasn’t there, there isn’t any way to make it work.

      Please check the compatibility list on the
      (Japanese version of page is here:

      If you have any future questions, please feel free to contact us at (or in Japanese).
      Hope this helps!

      もし追加のご質問等がございましたら、どうぞお気軽に日本語で までお問い合わせください。

      Plugable Technologies

      • Sachiko Reply

        Hi Tarak,

        Thank you for posting the information! Could you let us know the model number of the Zenfone and the Android version, so that we can add it to our Android compatibility list?

  12. Travis Reply

    If the LAN cable is connected to a Power over Ethernet switch. Will this adapter utilize the PoE to charge the tablet?

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thank you for asking. Unfortunately, this adapter is not compatible with Power over Ethernet and will not charge your tablet.

  13. avinash swain Reply

    Is Ethernet adapter supports on my micromax Android phone .
    My ph is works with Marshmallows software so is it possible for the Ethernet adapter support on my handset kindly give me the answer

    • Sachiko Reply

      Hi Avinash,

      Sorry but we aren’t sure. It’s device-dependent because Android basically doesn’t allow users install device drivers. If the Micromax phone has built-in the driver for A88772 chip set *when shipped from the manufacturer*, this adapter would work. Only way to figure it out is actually testing it.

      So far we haven’t heard from any of our customers about Micromax phones so far. Thank you for your understanding!

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      No, if your phone has a single micro-b port (as most do), you’ll be using it for either connecting an adapter or for charging, not both at once. Thanks for asking ahead!

      • Allene Pierce Avey Reply

        Apple has an adapter that will do both….power and ethernet, but I have not seen this same device for Android.

  14. Abdul mannan Reply

    Why My Htc M9 Not Supported OS 6.0…i have Pluagbel and OTG But Not Connect …Only Cable Light Beeping…………….. Any Tips ???

    • Sachiko Reply

      As far as we know, any HTC Android devices hasn’t built in the necessary device driver for this adapter (chip set AX88772). If that the case, there isn’t any way to make it work since Android doesn’t allow users to install device drivers. Sorry about that!

  15. Yossi Reply

    Is it true that when i am using this lan adapter i am giving up all of the USB original fetures such as charging and debuging the device? it seams that his solution is for temporarly uses and not as a pemament solution of lan network insted of wifi

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      For a device single USB port (for both data and charging), that’s correct.

  16. Mark Archer Reply

    Is there any app that will allow me to change the LAN configuration settings while using the adapter

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, there are none that I know of that will allow you to do this. The LAN settings are hard-coded into the Android config files, and can’t be changed by software.

  17. venky Reply

    Hy i want to connect Ethernet in my new Fone coolpad note 3 ….but it can’t connected what should i do?

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      We haven’t head about the Fone coolpad note 3 phone from any of our customers yet. If you have plugged in this adapter into the phone but it didn’t work, most like that phone doesn’t support this adapter (hasn’t built in the driver of AX88772, or doesn’t support OTG mode.) In that case there isn’t any way to make this adapter work since Android doesn’t allow users to install device drivers. Sorry about this.

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Technically yes, since the HP stream 11 netbook is Windows system. Windows 8.x and higher has built in the driver for AX88772 chip set.
      But it seems the HP stream 11 netbook has full-sized USB ports. In that case we’d recommend NOT using this USB2-OTGE100 adapter but using our USB2-E100 Fast Ethernet adapter. That adapter is using the same chip set and has a full-sized USB connector.

  18. Timothy Reply

    can it work with my techno s9? will it provide direct internet service to the phone via the ethernet hub?

  19. Vamshi Gupta Reply

    Hi.. I have One Plus 2 Android smart phone which has got C Class USB port, does your device support Ethernet to USB C Class.

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      We have Plugable USBC-E1000 Ethernet adapter that is using ASIX AX88179 USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet chip set and has a USB-C connector. But we don’t know if this adapter is compatible with the One Plus 2 Android phone or not. If the phone has built in the device driver of AX88179, the adapter may work. Otherwise, since Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver, it won’t work. It’s completely Android device dependent.

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Sorry but we aren’t sure if the Samsung Galaxy View and HP Android Slate 17 or not. It’s Android device dependent and we haven’t heard about those tablets from any of our customers yet.
      In order to make this adapter work, the Android system has to have built in the device driver for AX88772 chipset when it’s shipped from the manufacturer. The best way to figure out is contacting to the Android tablet manufacturers.

      I personally think it’s worth to try, though, since high-end Android tablets tends to support this adapter (the device driver) especially if its version 5.x or above.


    CAN I connect my coolpad note3lite using ethernet
    To otge100 cable.which otge100 should i buy and from where….

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thank you for asking. We haven’t tested with the Coolpad Note 3 Lite, so I can’t say for sure. Although Android 4.0 and higher supports this adapter, it’s up to the maker of each device whether to add the necessary drivers. If those drivers are present, USB2-OTGE100 will work. If not, it won’t work. The only way to know i to try it. If the drivers aren’t included by the maker, it is extremely difficult to add them. I hope this helps.

  21. Borislava Reply

    Hi, i want to connect HP Slate 10 or Lenovo Vibe K5 with a lan cable, so that i can use the internet from the cable. How is this possible and which adapters are also for android etc. I tried with router, but the router can not be used, because the bridge-modus can not be acctivate and i just dont have any other choice than just to try with an adapter. i hope it can works. thanks 🙂

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Hi Borislava,

      Unfortunately we aren’t sure if HP Slate 10 or Lenovo Vibe K5 is compatible with our USB to Ethernet adapters. I’m personally not positive those has device driver for our USB2-OTGE100 Ethernet adapter (chip set AX88772).

      For Android devices, it’s completely device dependent. If the Android manufacturer has built in the device driver in it, an external USB device, such as an Ethernet adapter, would work. Otherwise since Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver, there isn’t any way to make it work. We haven’t tested that tablets nor heard from our customers yet so far and not sure. Sorry about that.

  22. Sriram Reply

    Can the mobile/tablet that is connected be used as a wifi hotspot and other devices be wirelessly connected?

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thank you for asking. Unfortunately, we have not seen any tablet or phone that is connected to the internet through Ethernet that can use that connection to become a Wifi hotspot. A better solution would be to use a wireless router or Wifi access point that is connected to the Ethernet.

  23. Darche1976 Reply

    Is there a way you can do it in reverse only USEING the cable backwards. Eg still plug ur ph to ur network or L.A.N port on tv or Xbox one, tablet or smarthub. in other words ur using ur mobile as the modem via the cable

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Unfortunately we don’t know. We have heard from one of our customers that this adapter didn’t work with his Redmi note 2 phone, but haven’t heard anything about Redmi note 3 yet.

  24. Samual @ Parthiban Reply

    Hi there. .Im using Samsung Galaxy Note 2..this cable can support to my phone??

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Thank you for the information! We’ll update the Android Compatibility list in the product page.

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      This adapter is using USB 2.0 to Fast Ethernet AX88772 chip set. As far as we have tested, Nexus 5X supports this chip set, but this USB2-OTGE100 has a micro USB connector that wouldn’t fit the USB-C port of the Nexus 5X.

      We tested that chip by using our USB2-E100 (using the same AX88772) Ethernet adapter plus our Type-A to Type C adapter (USBC-AF3), and it worked fine.

      We have an USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter that has a USB-C connector:

      This is using different chip AX88179, but when we tested this adapter with a Nexus 5X it worked fine, too. But please remember, the compatibility is completely Android device dependent. It may or may not work with other types of Android devices.

      Hope this helps!

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thank you for asking. Although we have not tested the Note 5 with 6.0.1, customers have reported that it does not work.

  25. Triantafyllos Reply

    Hello, i would like to ask if this cable is compatible with my tablet which has an 5.1 lollipop android system. Thank you

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      The compatibility is not only the Android version but also the Android device dependent.
      If the tablet manufacturer has built in the device driver of AX88772 into the tablet, this adapter can work. Otherwise there isn’t any way to make this adapter work since Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver.

      We keep maintaining the information based on what we have heard from our customers.

      If your tablet wasn’t in the list, we aren’t sure if it’s compatible or not.

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thank for asking. Unfortunately, no LG models contain the necessary driver to operate this adapter, so it won’t work.

  26. jongbeom Reply

    Hi, i want to connect tablet to tablet.

    tablet model is galaxy tab s2 9.7.

    like below…
    tablet – adapter – wired ethernet – adapter – other tablet

    is it possible????


    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Thank you for asking. Unfortunately this adapter doesn’t work that way.
      Ethernet is not for peer-to-peer connection. The other end of the Ethernet cable has to be a network router or cable modem in order to get a unique IP address to communicate with other system in the local area network.

    • David Roberts Reply

      Hi John, Since the iView SupraPad has Windows 10 and a MicroUSB port, this adapter (the Plugable USB2-OTGE100) should work fine with it. Please let us know at if you encounter any issues.

  27. Mike Reply

    Could a person use this device to configure networks? Say instead of using a laptop to type in msdos commands eg. Ipconfig… Use an android device instead?

    • David Roberts Reply

      The answer depends on how your are configuring the network. With the appropriate Android SSH software, you could ssh into network devices that allow it, and configure them. However, configuring network settings in Android itself is usually not possible since they are hardwired into the Android software. For example, you can’t set an static IP. I hope this helps.

  28. praveen Reply

    hi can my samsung tab3v with model number sm-t116ny and android version is 4.4.4 is this device support to my tablet

  29. E. kreeuwen Reply

    Hi, i need a combi of ethernet and power supply, is anything like this available?

    • Joshua Henry Reply

      Hi E. kreeuwen,

      Thanks for asking! Due to the differences in how some devices charge, many cannot accept simultaneous charging and data transfers. Because of this there is no universal method for a product that can offer Ethernet and charging at the same time.

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thank you for posting. We haven’t tested with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, but customers have reported that the adapter does not work with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, and it seems likely that it would also not work with the Note 4. However, if you should decide to try the adapter, you can always return it through Amazon’s 30-day return policy if it doesn’t work, but if you do, please email us at with the result of your test so we can add it to the compatibility list on this page: Thanks!

  30. David Reply

    Does it have a iPhone choice for an adapter and will it do backwards to make the phone the source of internet to a router.

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Unfortunately, no. As far as we know, iPhone/iOS doesn’t allow to connect any external USB Ethernet adapters.

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Hi Sribala,

      As many of above Q&A discussions stated, the compatibility with any Android device is Android device dependent. It sounded your oppo neo 7 does not seems to have pre-installed the device driver of AX88772 chip set. In that case since Android does not provide any mechanism for users to install device drivers, there is not any way to make it work.
      We keep maintaining the compatibility list ( but we have not heard any oppo neo 7 from anyone. If you could provide the Android version info, we would add that (not-compatible) data into the list for other Oppo phone users. Thanks!

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Hi Shawn,

      We are sorry but we do not know. We have not tested the VisualLand 10ES Prime tablet nor heard about it from any of our customers yet.

      Please note that the compatibility does not depend on the Android version, but depends on the Android device. If the manufacturer has built in the driver of AX88772 chip set into their device, then this adapter can work. The only way to figure it out is either contacting to the manufacturer then asking about supporting AX88772 chip, or actually testing this adapter with the tablet. If the adapter did work, the driver is running on it. If not, most likely the tablet dose not run the device driver and unfortunately there is not any way for users to make it work.

  31. Laurent Reply

    I already own an RJ45 adaptor that work all right with my Xperia Z ultra. The trouble is that the device drow a lot of power. I plan to let my smartphone contantly connected to an adaptator so I need either a very low power adaptor or a powered adaptor. What are your adaptor power need? Do you make powered RJ45 adaptor?
    Thanks for your help!


    • David Roberts Reply

      Hi Laurent,

      Thank you for posting. We don’t have any powered adapters. Our USB2-E100 and USB2-OTGE100 both use approximately 150 mA of current while they are plugged it. That’s about 0.75 Watts at 5V. I would not be surprised if the adapter you have uses a similar chip and draws a similar amount of current. I hope this helps.

  32. George G Reply

    Do you know if the RCA Viking Pro 10.1″ or the Lenovo TB3-710F ZA0R or RCA Voyager 7″ 16GB.
    I am looking for a tablet that is under $100.

    • Patrick T Reply

      Thanks for asking this question, George!

      Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure about compatibility of the Plugable OTG Ethernet Adapter with the tablet models you mentioned. Due to the nature of Android, tablets will need to have drivers for the adapter pre-installed by the manufacturer in order to be compatible with this ethernet adapter. Our compatibility list (available on the product page: is primarily built on customer reports, and we haven’t had any reports one way or the other about the RCA and Lenovo models. Since we haven’t had any reports, I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer to confirm any tablet you plan to purchase supports the ASIX AX88772 chipset used in the adapter.

      If you have additional questions about this adapter, send an email to and we’ll be happy to assist you. We’re here to help!

      Patrick T
      Plugable Technologies

  33. L Reply

    In the compatibility list, there was a Acer Iconia tab (10 A3-A30) listed as compatible
    So i bought a second hand Acer Iconia tab (8 W1-810) and since it runs on windows 10 i expected it would recognize this adapter (that i use succesfully for my motorola phone).

    It doesn’t… i installed the driver for it that i found on this site, but still no internet.
    Is there any other setting or thing i can try, or does this mean this version of the Acer Iconia tab isn’t able to recognize this adapter?

    Thanks a lot for your time.

    • Viktoria D. Reply


      Thank you for your message! Unfortunately, we have not tested functionality with this model of Acer devices. Though a similar model is listed on our compatible device list, it does not guarantee functionality for any other versions of the same brand.

      We suggest reaching out to the device manufacturer to see which wired Ethernet adapters they have included support for. For your information, our USB2-OTGE100 Ethernet adapter is using the ASIX AX88772 chipset.

      I am sorry that I do not have better news for you!

      Kind regards,

      Viktoria | Product Owner | Plugable Technologies

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