Plugable Launches DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Active Adapters

Multimedia background. 4k resolution conceptAs a market leader in multi-monitor docking stations and graphics adapters, our offices at Plugable are by necessity full of all sorts of various displays, PCs, and tablets. Over the past year, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of systems and displays which include the VESA DisplayPort (DP) and Mini DisplayPort (mDP)/Thunderbolt outputs. As much as we’re excited about the growing popularity of DisplayPort, connecting our DisplayPort computers to our high-resolution HDMI monitors using many commercially available adapters was often a frustrating experience. Existing adapters on the market vary wildly in features and quality – most wouldn’t allow us to use resolutions above 1920×1080, and would even sometimes lose sync and result in a blank display.

We set out to fix that.

And with that, Plugable is proud to announce the launch of our DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort to HDMI active adapters, both of which have passed the rigorous testing necessary for VESA (DisplayPort) certification. Plugable’s DP and mDP active adapters allow the versatility to connect your DisplayPort-enabled PC or tablet to virtually any HDMI-equiped display, including monitors and HDTVs with Ultra-HD 4K resolutions. Our adapters support an internal clock rate of up to 300MHz which allows for all the “must have” features of HDMI 1.4: resolutions up to 4K@30Hz, 1080P@120Hz, steroscopic 3D support, and Deep Color depths. The adapters are also capable of transmitting 8-channel LPCM/High Bit Rate (HBR) audio, up to 192kHz sample rate. Additionally, both adapters support AMD Eyefinity technology, allowing you to connect a 3rd or 4th display on supported AMD graphics cards.

Devised as a royalty-free alternative to HDMI, DisplayPort is no longer just a niche connector found on high-end video cards. Microsoft’s Surface Pro systems, Intel’s NUC series, Apple Macs, and many others are now coming standard with this type of connector included. DisplayPort monitors are becoming more widely available as well, though most entry level monitors still exclude DisplayPort connections as a cost-saving measure.

The Plugable DP-HDMI adapter is a great choice for those using our UGA-4KDP USB 3.0 DisplayPort Graphics Adapter with a high resolution QHD or UHD HDMI display. The mDP-HDMI adapter is a good fit for those with newer laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets which offer the smaller Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt connection.

For additional technical and compatibility information including the exciting details regarding “active” vs. “passive” adapters, check out our DP-HDMI and mDP-HDMI product page.

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