The New and Improved Plugable USB2-MICRO-250X Digital Microscope

We have received overwhelming positive feedback from schools, hobbyists and awesome parents making science a lot more interesting to their children with the USB2-MICRO-200X. So you might ask, why improve on something that is already a favorite with the customers? The answer is simple: Because we knew it could be better!

The USB2-MICRO-250X boasts improvements in both hardware and software. The stand is larger and more versatile, the microscope body is much more compact and stronger, the LEDs are more powerful, and the snapshot button is no longer a “button”. We’ve even released entirely new software that is both easier to use and universal. Read on to see why we went in the direction we did, and what it means for you.



Left: Original metal ball joint stand, Right: New flexible arm observation stand

The stand is by far the largest improvement over the original. The original stand had ball joints that allowed positioning of the microscope body over the object. Besides being too small to view larger objects, constant re-positioning eventually wore out the ball joints and the microscope would no longer hold it’s position. The new stand addresses these concerns by using a flexible arm with a suction cup base. This arm can be positioned in any number of ways, doesn’t wear out, and the suction cup can be attached to any smooth surface or to the included base.

Microscope Body


Left: Larger original microscope, Right: New compact microscope

Overall, the new microscope body is much more compact and robust than the original. The original body, with enough force, could be broken apart by our younger users. The new one is about an inch shorter and the focus ring fully surrounds the body, making one-handed operation much easier.

The finish on the old microscope was also rubberized, where the new isn’t. The rubberized finish had a tendency to acquire scratches and fingerprints over time. The new microscope is thick, satin finish, injection molded plastic, which means much less scuffing and no fingerprints left behind.



Left: Original 5mm LED array, Right: New SMD LED array

The original light used an array of eight 5mm low power through-hole LEDs. We were able to cut the number of LEDs in half by using much more efficient surface mount LEDs. This also allowed us to mount a diffuser in front of the LEDs which makes for much smoother light distribution and less glare. Also, unlike the original microscope, the LEDs now turn on only when the microscope is being used.

The following comparison images were taken at the same distance and same resolution. Notice the much more even light distribution that lets you see all the dips and valleys, not to mention the higher magnification.


Left: New lights, better contrast, Right: Original lights, washed out

Snapshot Button


Left: Original snapshot button, Right: New capacitive touch button

The new snapshot button isn’t actually a button at all, but a capacitive touch sensor. This greatly improves your ability to take quality photos over the original. With the original having a physical button, you had to use a certain amount of force to depress it. This caused photos to sometimes come out blurry or not as you originally positioned, since you would have to stabilize the microscope while you’re pressing the button. This led to many customers not using the button at all, and just clicking the snapshot button in the software instead.

The new button only requires the lightest touch to take a picture. While this can lead to unintentional pictures being taken when handling the microscope, it’s far better than having a button you can’t use.

Software and Compatibility

We recently released our completely new Digital Viewer software to users in the original microscope page. This software was developed with the new microscope in mind, but it’s actually a universal webcam application which requires no proprietary drivers so it will work with any video capture device. This avoids all the issues we had with the old software which had detection problems.

The new software also has a completely fresh user interface. The biggest visual difference is the large, culturally universal icon buttons for camera functions at the top of the window. But we also added direct folder navigation to the main window so you can browse through your entire library without having to trudge through menus.

So if you are a fan of SCIENCE, or need a new digital microscope, the USB2-MICRO-250X will be your trusty lab partner. Keep scrolling for a range of sample pictures taken with the new microscope.


And on top of all the technical improvements, we’ve worked with our suppliers on volume orders to get the cost down.

Have any questions? We’re happy to help! Just comment below or email anytime.

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4 comments on “The New and Improved Plugable USB2-MICRO-250X Digital Microscope”

  1. Roy Youens Reply

    Just ordered this product from Amazon UK. I collect meteorites and watches and I think this digital microscope will enhance these hobbies immensely. Looking forward to receiving it.
    I’ve read good revues on the customer support Plugable give and this was in part the reason why I decided to choose this scope from the hundreds available. Also because it’s compatible with Windows 10 and I like the design. I may have to use a separate light because I think I will get a reflection from the watch crystal and from the metal and crystals in the meteorite samples.
    Kind regards – Roy Youens.

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Thanks Roy! Just let us know if any questions come up at all – we’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

  2. Reply

    I purchased this digital usb microscope to use to study plants that are subjects for botanical art classes I take. Originally there was a problem because I installed the software incorrectly. But now that I got that right, I’m amazed at how clearly I can see the plant parts. More precise than the usual magnifying glass and certainly better than the naked eye. Using this will greatly enhance my drawings.

    • Sam Morgan Reply

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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