Plugable’s New Combination USB Power Bank and Wall Charger

We already have several great USB chargers and USB power banks on the market today, but we wanted to offer a new and unique product that combined the best of both worlds. We’re excited to announce our new PB-WA5K 2-port USB 5,000mAh power bank and AC wall outlet pass-through smart charger.

We wanted it to be as simple to use as possible. That meant removing confusing buttons and vague LED light indicators for a more straightforward and elegant design. The trouble with most USB power banks is that while you’re on the go and charging your devices, eventually the power bank battery also needs to be recharged. Our solution was to take functionality similar to our USB-C2W 2-port wall charger and our PB-6K2 6,000mAh power bank and combine them together into one compact and convenient package with some great new features.

While on the go chances are you won’t have access to another USB charger to charge your power bank, but you may have access to an AC wall outlet from time to time. The PB-WA5K has built-in flip-out AC prongs to recharge the power bank battery anywhere you have access to a US/Canada/Japan style AC wall outlet. In addition, while the power bank’s battery is recharging, thanks to a new pass-through charger design, attached USB devices will also charge directly from the available AC power. So when you reach the hotel and plug in the power bank and your devices to it, everything will be charged by morning.

The dual USB port design allows you to charge two devices at once while wall connected. Both ports are controlled by a smart IC and are capable of charging two completely different devices simultaneously at their maximum rate. To turn on the charger we added a motion sensor, simply shake it quickly side to side and the status LED will illuminate. When plugged into an AC wall outlet the charger will remain on until it is unplugged. When used as a portable battery pack, it will automatically turn off after 1 minute if no USB device is attached and being charged. The status LED will let you know what is happening with easy to follow color codes for battery life.

Have any questions? Just comment below or email We’re happy to help!

6 comments on “Plugable’s New Combination USB Power Bank and Wall Charger”

  1. Bernie Thompson Reply

    Thanks Randall! We believe it is – but the market will tell!

  2. Jeffrey Plum Reply

    How does this work powering a Raspberry Pi? Seems it might serve as a Pi UPS solution..

  3. carbonlattice Reply

    How long does it take for the battery to charge without anything plugged in? When it’s plugged in and charging another device does the battery take longer to recharge?

    • Jordan Reply

      Thanks for contacting Plugable! Unfortunately, this product does not support rapid charging on the Pixel smartphone line. Please contact us via with any questions. Thank you – Plugable Technologies

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