Installing Plugable USB-Ethernet Drivers in Windows 10

Update: A Windows 10 driver now exists for the USB2-E1000. However, it will not appear in the CD that comes with the adapter until the next lot of adapters is shipped. The updated driver can be downloaded from this link:
Windows 10/8/8.1, 7, Vista, and XP drivers for USB2-E1000.
If you are not able to connect to the Internet without installing the driver, you can download it onto a flash drive on another computer and use that to install it.

In testing Plugable’s USB-Ethernet adapters with Windows 10, we were happy to discover they all work successfully when their drivers are properly installed. However, an installation problem could cause issues with the USB2-E1000.

Drivers are already built into Windows 10 for the ASIX AX88772 chip in our USB2-E100 and USB2-OTGE100 and the ASIX AX88179 chip in our USB3-E1000, USBC-E1000, and USB3-HUB3ME. When you insert these adapters into a USB port, the drivers are automatically installed with no need for an internet connection.

However, the driver for the ASIX AX88178 chip in our USB2-E1000 is not pre-installed in Windows 10, and we have discovered a problem with the downloadable driver that keeps it from installing. If this happens, the adapter will show up in Device Manager as “AX88178” with a Code 28 error: “”Drivers for this device are not installed.”

There are several ways to work around this issue, depending on the scenario:

1. Upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1: If you have already installed the driver for the USB2-E1000 in Windows 7 or 8.1 and upgrade directly from that version to Windows 10, the currently installed driver will be available to Windows 10, and your adapter should work without any further effort. If you haven’t yet installed this driver, please install it before upgrading. The easiest way is to establish an internet connection, either wirelessly or through another Ethernet port, then plug in the USB2-E1000. Windows Update should see it and automatically download the correct driver. You can also download and install the driver from our website or from the disk that came with your adapter.

2. Doing a clean install of Windows 10 or using the USB2-E1000 on a new Windows 10 computer: Since the previous Windows 7 or 8.1 driver will not be carried over to a clean install of Windows 10, it must be freshly installed. The only way to accomplish this is to have an internet connection available when you first plug in the USB2-E1000. That will allow Windows Update to download and install the driver. If you are in a situation where this is not possible, we recommend delaying the update until an internet connection is available, or until this issue has been fixed. Currently, the driver on the Plugable and ASIX websites is not working with Windows 10.

If you’re a user of a Plugable USB-Ethernet adapter and are experiencing issues, we’re here to help! If support is needed, please run our PlugDebug tool found here to collect system logs, and send the resulting file to along with a description of the behavior you’re experiencing and any additional details you feel are relevant.

22 comments on “Installing Plugable USB-Ethernet Drivers in Windows 10”

  1. David Rolfe Reply

    I would like to do a clean install of Windows 10 on to my new Asus X205TA netbook which only has built in wireless internet adapter – make unknown, but no socket!
    I have got as far as installing Windows 10 from an image on a USB pen drive, but the network adapter is not recognised, so I have no internet connection
    My first thought was to purchase one of your USB2-E1000 devices, but I now read that there is a driver problem with this device.
    Would it be possible for me to install the drivers onto the USB pen drive, to select the chip in Device Manager, and let it pick up the drivers from there… or wouldn’t it do that?
    I hope that you can help, as unfortunately I did not keep a copy of my previous OS, so am getting a bit desperate!
    Thanks in anticipation,

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Hi David – We also posted on your other question, thanks for asking. There are several of our models with support built into Windows 10. With the ASUS X205TA netbook, the one you’ll want is our USB2-E100 It works without needing a driver installed, so you should be good to go. Thanks for asking!

  2. gregor Reply

    HI, please could you recommend to me one of your USB Ethernet sticks for the Akoya s2218 with Windows 10 home on 32bit. Ideally working as plug and play.
    thanks in advance,

  3. James Reply

    I have a out of the box Nextbook Flexx9 with the USB2.0OTGE100 adapter and I can only get 20Mb Down and 10Mb Up on a 100/10 modem. Is there any think I need to know to get this upto the 95Mbps that the adapter can do?

    Thank you in advance

    • David Roberts Reply

      Hi James,

      Thank you for contacting us. Speed depends on many different issues, and so there are a lot of variables to look at:

      1. What is the maximum speed offered by your internet service provider (ISP)? No adapter will allow you to exceed the speed offered by your connection to the internet, and in many cases, the speed promised by the ISP is just a best case scenario. For example, if you are on a cable connection, speeds usually go down during peak periods like evenings and weekends when other people in your area using the same cable are viewing videos or downloading files.

      2. What is the capacity of your processor? Two-in-Ones or tablets like the Nextbook Flexx9 often don’t have the processing power to reach the full potential of the network, especially if other programs are using processing power at the same time.

      3. Network cables and other hardware. A damaged cable, router, switch, or modem can slow things down. For example, only the latest cable modems can reach speeds in the 100 mbps range. The speed will be determined by the weakest link between your computer and the ISP.

      4. There could be an adapter problem, but generally if the adapter is defective, it will not work at all, rather than produce lower speeds.

      There is a more detailed explanation of these issues, along with some other causes of slow speeds in this blog post:

      If you still aren’t able to find a solution, please feel free to contact us at


  4. Boris Reply

    Hi I have a Lumia 650 windows 10 mobile and I have a pluggable USB 2 to Micro B which works great on a HP 7 tablet but not on my Lumia 650 are there any drivers I could install to help It would be brilliant if I could get this working on my mobile. Many Thanks


    Hope full

    • David Roberts Reply

      Hi Boris,

      I’m sorry to say that we don’t have any drivers that work with the Lumia phones.

  5. Tvedt Reply

    Hi, i read your article on usb Ethernet adapters and are having som problems.

    I bought the Asix ax 88772 usb 2.0 Ethernet adapter but cant get it to work on my computer. I run windows 10 64bit home edition on a lenovo yoga 710 core i7 ultrabook. i have tried updating drivers but no luck. The fault message i get when i run the network troubleshooting i windows is
    “Ethernet 3″ doesnt have a valid IP configuration”

    Do you have any tips and triks? or is it even supported by windows 10 64bit?


    • David Roberts Reply

      Thank you for commenting about your Ethernet adapter. I’m sorry it isn’t working for you.

      The message you are seeing means that the adapter is working properly and connecting with your network, but your network for some reason is refusing to give an address to the adapter. This often happens if the network is configured to not automatically accept connections with new, unknown adapters, although it can happen for many other reasons too.

      Could you please tell me what kind of network you are on? Is it a home, office, or institutional network (like a hospital or university)?

      Thank you,

      Plugable Support

  6. shahrukhshah Reply

    HI iam using dell inspiron 3542 but it is not connecting with isp loader please give me a solution for connect with it.

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thank you for commenting! If you have a Plugable USB-Ethernet adapter, please contact us directly at for support. Otherwise, could you please give some more details about your situation? What type of adapter are you using? What is happening when you try to connect? What sort of network are you on (home, office, institutional like a hospital or university)? Thanks!


    Sir,I have recently purchased a laptop “Acer Aspire Switch 10E”.It has an USB port only.I want to run it by cable network(LAN/Ethernet cable).Pl recommend me a driver for it.It has a Window 10 software.

  8. farzam Reply

    hi i’m using usb2.0 fast Ethernet Adapter RD9700 nut i cant get it run on my windows 10 64bit and it keeps telling me that the device is not recognize properly. do you have any idea how i can fix it
    i’ll try every driver that i could find but still the device is not working

    • Sachiko Kuramura Reply

      Hi Farzam,
      We are sorry but Plugable doesn’t sell any USB to Fast Ethernet adapter that is using RD9700 chip. Please contact to the manufacturer of your adapter in case the adapter unit is defective.

  9. Darryl Reply

    HI, I’m trying to use the Fast Ethernet USB 2.0 adapter to build up a Amazon FireTV Stick and it’s not setting up. Will it work with an Android device?

    • David Roberts Reply

      Whether the adapter will work with an Android device depends on whether the maker of that device has decided to include the drivers and configure it for this. If not, it is not possible to add the drivers later. On this page we have a list of devices we’ve tested or had reports about concerning the USB2-E100 and the USB2-OTGE100 (they are the same except for the connector), but we haven’t tested or received reports about the Fire TV Stick.

  10. Louise Reply

    Hello! I might be needing your help. I own a Dell Inspiron 15 3552 laptop only late to notice that it doesn’t have a LAN port for my modem. I just updated it’s OS to Windows 10. I have 2 slots for USB 2.0 and 1 for 3.0 . What type of USB adapter that will work for my laptop? Please advise.

    • Derek Reply

      Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your post! Since you have a USB 3.0 port on this computer, I would recommend our USB3-E1000 ( ) adapter for the highest potential speeds for your internal network and to take full advantage of whatever speed you have been promised from your ISP. If you know your connection is not very fast, our USB2-E100 is a good fit for connections under 100Mbps as well ( ).

      I hope this helps! If you have further questions, please send a message to with “Ticket #226684” in the subject line and I’d be happy to help.


      Derek Nuzum
      Product Owner

  11. Theresa Reply

    Is there any way to start using the usb to ethernet adapter without connecting to the internet? I’m not sure how to download the driver if I don’t have wifi…

    • Kevin Lamb Reply

      Hello Theresa,

      Thanks for reaching out to us! I’m sorry for any trouble you’ve had getting things setup. Which of our adapters do you have? Windows 10 should automatically install and configure drivers for our Ethernet adapters, but, there are exceptions.

      We would suggest to download the drivers on another computer, phone or tablet and then copy the installation file over. Are you able to do this? Please feel free to reach out to us directly at, and we’d be glad to provide you with personalized support.

      Thank you, and we hope to hear back from you!

      Plugable Support

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