Important DisplayLink Windows 10 Update: New 7.9 M3 drivers

Today DisplayLink released their new Windows Drivers, Version 7.9 M3 (7.9.630.0). We’re excited to have this new driver set out, as it fixes various Windows 10 issues. All of Plugable’s USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 docking stations and graphics adapters will work with this new driver.

The latest version of the DisplayLink driver can be downloaded here.

We are recommending that all Windows 10 users update to this version of the DisplayLink driver at this time, as this new version includes a preemptive fix for a compatibility break with coming versions of Intel and Nvidia Graphics drivers. We’re expecting that Microsoft will also make this same DisplayLink driver available via Windows Update as a high-priority update on October 27th.

In short, if the newer Intel / Nvidia drivers are installed without first upgrading the DisplayLink drivers to 7.9 M3 or later, DisplayLink functionality will break until the DisplayLink driver is upgraded. The best solution is to upgrade the DisplayLink drivers first, as they’re compatible with both the old and new versions of the Intel / Nvidia graphics drivers.

In detail, DisplayLink’s release notes list these issues fixed in 7.9 M3:

  • The DisplayLink device could remain in device manager for up to 30 seconds after disconnecting the USB cable. This problem was only visible on Windows 7 with an Intel USB 3.0 host controller. (20509)
  • DisplayLink monitors can stop working with the latest (October 2015 or later) primary card graphic drivers on Windows 10. (20717)
  • The Start button or Microsoft apps might fail to operate on Windows 10 with DisplayLink software installed. (20160)
  • Installation of DisplayLink software is not successful if 8.3 short file names are disabled. This was a regression in v7.8 software (20595)
  • Monitors attached to DisplayLink device might briefly show a corrupted desktop image during mode changes. (20254, 20441)
  • The resolution 2560×1440 was not be available for some monitors with invalid EDID. (20390)
  • ‘Fit to TV’ compensation feature was not available on Windows 10. (20107)
  • Sometimes a transient corruption can be visible on DisplayLink monitor during replugging USB cable if the monitor is connected to DisplayPort. (19704)
  • On some monitors connected to DisplayLink device via HDMI, the audio stream can be distorted or there can be no audio available. (20417, 20510)
  • The DisplayLink installer did not show an error when trying to install on Windows Vista. (20386)

We welcome any experiences or questions below. If you have a Plugable product and run into any issues, just email us at and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

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