Plugable Introduces Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

BT-KEY3XLWe’ve heard a lot of good things from customers about our Plugable Compact Folding keyboard since it launched a few months ago. But some buyers wanted more room to type and asked us if we could release a full-size keyboard with the same great features.

We are happy to announce that the Plugable Full-Size Folding Keyboard is now available! It shares the compact keyboard’s durable aluminum shell and handy case that folds into a stand for your device, but it features a keyboard as large as bigger laptops, with a full set of keys laid out with standard sizes and spacing. When folded, it is smaller than a typical paperback book.

BT-KEY3XL Keyboard

Like our compact keyboard, the Plugable Full-Size Folding Keyboard also has these great features:

  • The back is strong but lightweight aluminum. The hinges are stainless steel. This makes it extremely durable
  • The hinges are extremely smooth, it’s a pleasure opening and closing the keyboard
  • It comes with a soft but strong case that both protects the keyboard and anything else you’d throw in a bag with it
  • The case transforms into stand for your phone or tablet and adjusts to any angle
  • The keyboard has special support for Android, Windows, and iOS keymappings
  • It has a USB-charged battery that lasts for weeks of normal use

We hope you’ll enjoy this new addition to our expanding line of Plugable Bluetooth products. It’s a great design, and like everything we sell, it comes with Plugable’s legendary customer service. Have any questions? Feel free to comment below or contact us at Thanks!

11 comments on “Plugable Introduces Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard”

    • David Roberts Reply

      You can look at endurance two ways: battery life and durability, and this keyboard does well with both. The battery can last for weeks of typical intermittent use, and charges quickly from any USB port. The aluminum shell protects the keyboard very well, making it a lot more durable than most folding keyboards. And of course, if there is a problem, there is always Plugable’s customer service! We stand behind what we sell.

  1. GeekBrat Reply

    I know this is going to sound stupid to a lot of people, but I’m looking to turn a simple Windows tablet in to a mobile workstation. What I would like more than anything else in a product like this, is an IBM style Touch-Point (Pointing Stick) Pointing Device in the keyboard. Something where I could prop my tablet up, unfold my keyboard and do everything I need from the touch point. I have touch-screen yes, and many keyboards have touch-pads but a touch point is how work on my business laptops and that’s how I prefer to do my work.

    • David Roberts Reply

      Thanks for your comment! I like touch-point-style pointers too. I’ll look into the possibility of including one in a future model.

  2. Becky Reply

    Would you be able to display the compact and the full size side by side in the folded position? I would like to get a better idea of size difference for carrying purposes.

    • David Roberts Reply

      Hi Becky,

      There is a size comparison image on the Amazon product page ofthe open keyboards here. Here it is:

      Comparison of Plugable BT-KEY3 and BT-KEY3XL

      On Monday, I’ll try to get a photo posted here. In the meantime, the dimensions of the compact keyboard in the case are 4.0 x 5.9 x 1.0 in (100 x 150 x 25 mm). For the full-size keyboard, the dimensions are 5.0 x 6.6 x 0.9 in (127 x 168 x 23 mm). I hope this helps.

      Thank you,
      Plugable Support

      • Becky Marks Reply

        David, thank you so much for your quick response. I am still wondering if there is a place that I can actually physically see this product. I looked on Amazon and they do not except returns once the fact is open however I would really like the opportunity to see what it actually feels like to type on it. Sounds like it’s a great product and it has great reviews but again I want to be sure that I like the feel of it and functionality. I am interested in the compact but I’m thinking the full-size will work better only because of my fast typing abilities. I would like to know the difference in size of the keyboards once fully closed do you how to fit in my purse. So again are there any stores that you’re aware of big chain stores that carry your product because as of now I have not found it?

        Thanks again,


        • David Roberts Reply

          Hi Becky, Thanks for your comment. Our business model has mainly been to sell on Amazon. The only big chain we sell in is Walmart, and then only on their website, so that doesn’t help. Because of the big markup chain stores take, it would sell for a lot more there.

          In the case, the full-size keyboard is a little shorter and wider than a cheap mass-market paperback book. The small keyboard is almost exactly the size of a standard 3.5 inch hard disk (Ok, so we are techies here). Here is a photo of the two keyboards compared with ordinary objects found in a office breakroom:
          I hope that helps.

          If you are a fast typist, you may not be satisfied with the small one, but the large one will probably be OK. It’s about has keys that are about the same size and spacing of a typical laptop keyboard. I have large hands, and I find the smaller one to be a bit cramped.

          Amazon will accept a return of this keyboard within 30 days even if the box has been open, although you will have to pay return shipping.

          Plugable Support

  3. Becky Reply


    Thanks so much for your quick responses and going the extra mile to help me make this important decision. I have decided on the compact and should receive it in a few days. Again Thanks!!

  4. Will Reply

    Hello David, I have been looking for a foldable keyboard and landed on this site.
    Would you be so kind to answer 2 questions:

    – In Amazon I found extremely similar compact keyboards by Plugable, EC, 1byone, and iClever. They look and seem operate almost exactly the same. What would you say are the differences between them and why you would choose Plugable over the others (other than the case – I mean the keyboard itself)

    – I saw that a common complain on the compact version (of the 4 brands) was the instability of pressing keys near the left/right edges. You mention above that the flaps act as stabilizers. I see them when folded but there is no pic of the when open. Do you have a pic ?

    I am torn if this improvement plus bigger overall keyboard justifies the size of the standard keyboard vs compact one.



    • David Roberts Reply

      Hi Will,

      There are similar keyboards on Amazon, but mostly they are the compact size. Our full-size keyboard has the backspace key located on the large key and the delete key directly above it, which is similar to the layout on most keyboards. It also has Prt-Scn and Insert key functions. Our compact also has a similar key layout, as opposed to the other ones which have the backspace on a tiny key at the top. The fold-out tabs make the full-size much more stable. I don’t have a photo, but I’ll take one at work tomorrow. The best feature of the full-size from my point of view is that it is normal size for typing. I have fairly large hands and find it hard to type on the compact keyboard and would not choose it for any situation with more than a small amount of typing. I think the full-size is definitely worth the extra size for that reason alone.

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