Tap the Power of IoT with a Raspberry Pi Bluetooth LE Gateway and Plugable USB Adapters

A missing piece in tapping the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a low-cost fixed gateway that can connect all the great home and business automation devices to the internet and the cloud. The Raspberry Pi is emerging as an ideal platform for this and Plugable adapters can help make it happen.

Our Bluetooth white paper discusses the importance of Bluetooth low energy (LE) technology in realizing the IoT, and the Bluetooth SIG and its committees have been working hard on an open standard for a very low-cost gateway using Bluetooth LE. They have just released a white paper on this, along with tutorial for building such a gateway using the Raspberry Pi.

Combined with the Pi, Plugable USB adapters for Bluetooth and WiFi provide the perfect solutions for implementing this gateway and getting rid of the LAN cable at the same time!

Watch our introduction video below and use the links provided to get started with your own Bluetooth low energy gateway!


7 comments on “Tap the Power of IoT with a Raspberry Pi Bluetooth LE Gateway and Plugable USB Adapters”

  1. Michael Reply

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to find a way to make it so I can use the Rasberry pi and Bluetooth and also a RBG or RBGW controller to use some RBGW led light strip for my wheelchair. I was thinking Bluetooth because the wifi controller would need the internet and that wouldn’t work unless I can use my smartphone 🙂 Can someone help with this? I have everything even a battery.

    I would be grateful if someone would help me with this! I don’t know much about python and I don’t think it can make a app you can do colors.


    • David Roberts Reply

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for contacting us about controlling LEDs with your Pi.

      I don’t think this would work well with our Bluetooth switches, since they rely on AC power. However, it might be possible using the GPIB bus on the Pi to control the lights.


    • Andy D. Reply

      Hello Ajay,

      Thanks for your question. The Plugable Bluetooth adapter (USB-BT4LE) only supports up to Bluetooth 4.0 specifications. Additional features in Bluetooth 4.2 are not available.

  2. Ajay parashar Reply

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your reply, Please let me know.
    1) Is this dongle works with Linux Ubuntu 14.0 ?
    2) If yes then how to configure this with blueZ stack?

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