Plugable’s New USB Type-C to DisplayPort Adapter Cable Has Arrived

The USB 3.1 “Type-C” standard has introduced several new features not present in previous generations of USB. One of these capabilities that’s most interesting is the ability to negotiate “Alternate Modes” which — if both sides of the connection support the same mode and agree — can dedicate some of the physical wires in the USB-C cable for transmission of non-USB signals like video.

One of the most widely adopted Alternate Modes is one for transmitting DisplayPort. This enables the ability to carry a native video signal over USB, allowing an additional display to be connected by adding a simple, inexpensive adapter cable to the USB-C port on compatible systems. Today, we are excited to announce the release of Plugable’s new USB Type-C to DisplayPort adapter cable which harnesses this new “DisplayPort Alternate Mode” functionality in order to connect DisplayPort displays to your USB 3.1 Type-C system!USB Type-C to DispalyPort Adapter

USB-C Alternate Modes provide a direct pipeline to the system’s graphics processor, and our adapter allows the attached display to function optimally, with no additional software or drivers to install – just plug and play.

It’s important to note that there are many different USB 3.1 host implementations at this point, and many do not yet support Alt Mode functionality. A good thing is Intel has baked in support for “DisplayPort Alternate Mode” alongside Thunderbolt 3 in their Alpine Ridge and later chipsets. So most future systems based on Intel’s latest chipsets (6th gen and later) will have this baked in.

Some of the more popular current systems that support Alt Mode are the Apple Retina MacBook 12″ (2015 and 2016), Google Chromebook Pixel (2015), Dell XPS 9350 and 9550 (13″ and 15″), Lenovo Yoga 900 13″, and Razer Blade Stealth, with many more new systems to be released this year and beyond. We recommend checking with your system’s manufacturer regarding Alternate Mode capability via USB Type-C or on our USBC-DP product page as we update compatibility information as more systems are coming out and tested.

We’d love to answer any questions you have, just comment below. And thanks again for going out of your way for Plugable products!

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37 comments on “Plugable’s New USB Type-C to DisplayPort Adapter Cable Has Arrived”

  1. Stephen Price Reply

    No way to order in Australia? Again. This not ship to Australia thing has knobs on it. Its 2016 people, and Australia has package delivery now.

    • Bernie Thompson Reply

      Totally fair and point taken! We don’t have good distribution in Australia yet. Amazon hasn’t launched Marketplace there. Global shipping lags in taking up new products. And we lag a few weeks usually in listing on eBay (with their Pitney-Bowes based Global shipping solution). Glad to have the interest, and we’ll find ways to reach Australia better! Until then, check for options!

      • Matt Reply

        Hi, how is it going with the Australia thingy. I’ve just tried everywhere to get a TBT3-DP2X in Australia (or shipped to Australia) but with no luck. Your comment above is almost 3 months old, so it looks as if you’ve achieved nothing in this regard. How can we get your products shipped to Australia?

        • Gary Zeller Reply

          Hi Matt – Thanks for the interest and prompt! Unfortunately still no luck getting most of our recently launched products added to the “Amazon Global” program for international shipping. (Amazon has complete control over this designation, unfortunately.)

          Some customers have reported good results using Shop Mate freight forwarding to Australia:

          In the meantime, we’re in the midst of updating our ebay offerings as well, so many of our newer products will be available there with an international shipping option over the next several weeks.

  2. John Reply

    So I am interested to buy a Dell XPS 15 laptop (the 4k model with touchscreen, 16gb ram, 512gb pci-e ssd, gtx 960m 2gb ddr4). As you at Plugable know, it has a thunderbolt 3 enabled USB-C port.

    I have a monitor that runs on 2560×1440 @144Hz. It support DisplayPort 1.2 as an input.

    I want to connect the two. Will it Be possible to Drive the monitor in 2560×1440 @144Hz (refresh rate is important to me) using this cable?

    If not, is it possible to Run a Game on the externallymonitor monitor in 1920×1080 @144Hz?

    I can’t find the answer anywhere and Dell customer support is not trying. Hope you do better!

    • David Washburn Reply

      Hi John, thanks for asking! Our cable is capable of a 600MHz pixel clock, which is sufficient to support a 2560×1440@144Hz resolution as well as a 1920×1080@144Hz resolution. Since we theoretically know that the cable is able to support these resolutions, it is ultimately the internal graphics processor of the XPS that determines if it can be achieved. In looking at the specifications for the XPS 15, we would expect the GTX 960M GPU to be capable, but unfortunately only Dell will be able to confirm this. We do offer a 30-day no hassle return policy via Amazon, so if Dell can’t or won’t clarify, the next best solution would be to purchase our cable and return it for a full refund if things don’t work as planned. Thanks!

        • David Washburn Reply

          Thanks for asking. 144Hz refresh rate capabilities depends heavily on the graphics processor within the system and the model of the monitor. If the graphics processor and monitor can support a 1080@144Hz or 1440@144Hz resolutions then I would expect a USB-C to DisplayPort cable to support this.

  3. John Reply

    Thanks for your reply! Good to know your cable isnt gonna be the issue.

    • Ryan Reply

      Hello John,

      Did you end up trying the configuration and did it work? I am in the exact same predicament as you at the moment and it would help out a lot to know if this cable worked out with your 144hz 1440p monitor

    • David Washburn Reply

      Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, we do not offer a shorter version of our USBC-DP cable.

  4. Lian Reply

    Could you please tell me if this cable also provides sound? Can I use this cable connecting Dell XPS 9350 to Dell U3415W monitor such that both display and sound work?

    • David Washburn Reply

      Thanks for asking! We have yet to preform extensive testing at this time, but our initial test results using our cable with the new Macbook Pro (without the Touch Bar) look good! However, with any new device we like to preform extensive testing to see how things work after longer use and we will continue to update our compatibility charts and messaging to reflect what we see in testing.

  5. ru75g Reply

    It works with HP Elitebook Folio G1 (complying DP Alt-mode) to Dell U2212HM successfully, great thanks!!

  6. ru75g Reply

    It works with HP Elitebook Folio G1 (complying DP Alt-mode) to Dell U2212HM (1920×1080) successfully, great thanks!

    • David Washburn Reply

      Thank you for sharing the results and great to hear that our cable works well with this system!

  7. Alex Reply

    I just wanted to ask when this cable will be available in Germany? It’s listed on, but can only be purchased from a seller in the US.

    • David Washburn Reply

      Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, we are currently out of stock in Germany (and the other European marketplaces) and we hope to replenish our stock as soon as we can. I apologize for this inconvenience!

  8. Mick Reply

    Hi there,

    Just showing my support for Australian distribution!
    I’d love one of these cables to get 144hz out of a 980m and can’t find anything that compares (even from the US).

    • David Washburn Reply

      Thanks for asking and apologies for the confusion! When initially testing our USBC-DP cable with our Yoga 900 in-house test system, we had witnessed several inconsistencies when using DisplayPort Alt Mode adapters and had disclaimed support. Since then, we had seen a noticeable improvement and had not updated our compatibility table, thank you for catching this!

      Regarding Daisychaining from a Yoga 910, I would expect things to work as long as you make sure that MST (or DisplayPort 1.2) is enabled on the dell monitor that our USBC-DP cable is connected to. This can be adjusted within the monitor’s setting menu using the buttons on the monitor itself. If you do choose to proceed with a purchase, we offer a 30-day no hassle return policy via Amazon if you find that our cable doesn’t meet your needs. Thanks!

  9. Kasper Reply

    Im trying to get my ASUS ROG GL552VW to output 144hz at 1080p to an external monitor. I think this cable is the solution to this issue. Can you confirm that this will work? When will this product be available to order in Europe?


    • David Washburn Reply

      Thanks for asking! As long as the host system and the connected monitor are also able to support 1080p @ 144Hz resolutions I would expect our USBC-DP cable to work. However, we do not have your system in our labs to test specifically. We hope to replenish stock in Europe and our other marketplaces within the next couple of weeks.

  10. Demi Reply

    Hi, when will the Plugable USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter Cable (6’/1.8m) for 2016 MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 3 become available at Amazon US or UK?

    • David Washburn Reply

      Thanks for asking! We anticipate replenishing stock in the US an UK marketplaces within these early weeks in December, but we do not have a firm date yet, unfortunately. Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help!

  11. Kasper Reply

    Could you please let me know how to purchase this product in Europe?
    Also do you have any examples of this working – and giving an output of 144hz at 1080p on a ASUS ROG GL552VW, or a similar laptop using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2 GB GPU?

  12. Colette Reply

    Just got this DisplayPort adapter and finally my Dell 27″ monitor works with my 2016 MBP. ! I had tried for many weeks to find a way to hook up the monitor since upgrading from my 2010 MBP – got some bad advice from other sources and bought a couple of useless cables. Long story short, I finally realized on my own that I didn’t need the mini display port dual link DVI connection anymore – just a true DisplayPort adapter. I was thrilled to discover Plugable.

    I really want to give a shout out to Plugable’s extraordinary customer service. When I had the monitor hooked up I couldn’t get it to mirror my MBP display (I had forgotten that simple procedure). David W. from Plugable actually sent me a screen shot showing me what to do. This wasn’t Plugable’s problem, but he went out of his way to help me. For which I am forever grateful.

    You won’t go wrong buying from these folks.

  13. hmijail Reply

    Any comment about the color bit depth supported by the adapter? More concretely, will this cable support 4K@60Hz with 30 bit color depth?

    Also, the list of compatible systems includes the MacBooks Pro 13″ from 2018, but NOT the 15″ model. Is the list outdated, or is the 15″ not supported?

    Thank you!

  14. Kent W. Reply

    Will this adapter also work to connect my HP EliteBook (via the DisplayPort physical port on the laptop) to my AOC USB-C monitor? I’m sure it will connect physically but will is actually send video signal to the monitor? Every article talks about USB-C to Displayport adaptation but I’m actually needing to go the OTHER way… Displayport (laptop) to USB-C (monitor). The EliteBook does have a USB Type-C port next to the Displayport port but the system apparently does not support alt mode over that USB Type-C connection (I’ve updated firmware and checked the website but no joy). The monitor is detected as a device when connected but will not display any video. Thanks for any assistance that you may be able to offer.

    • David Washburn Reply

      Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, our USBC-DP cable will not be able to work in this direction. It can only send a video signal from a USB-C video output port on a computer to a DisplayPort input port on a monitor.

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