Launching in Europe: USB-C Docking Station with Power Delivery and Extra Display Support

Plugable’s new USB-C Docking Station has already generated excited reviews from USB-C laptop users in the USA who had been previously hunting for a great USB-C Docking Station solution.

It’s now finally shipping with both UK and EU power plugs in the box. This version with UK and EU power adapters is available from Amazon UK, Germany, Spain and France. Located elsewhere in Europe? Customers in 26 countries in the EU can also order from the UK.

Some of what customers are saying about the Plugable UD-CA1:

“Using this with a Dell XPS 13 9350 laptop. Having tried two Dell TB15 docks where the network and USB ports would just disconnect randomly and stop working altogether, this dock is a breath of fresh air. No need to install any software. Literally plug and play.” – B. Lim

“I have it set up with my Chromebook Pixel, a 4k Samsung monitor over HDMI, a keyboard and a mouse plugged in, and it’s perfect” – T.L.

“Everything worked perfect out of the box. I connected several USB devices to the hub and ran them simultaneously with no issues. I have had my Macbook 2015 for a year and have been waiting for this device.” – M. Colwell

We’re excited to make this great USB-C dock available to more of our customers around the world. Any questions? Email or comment below – we’ll be happy to help!

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7 comments on “Launching in Europe: USB-C Docking Station with Power Delivery and Extra Display Support”

  1. Terje Grønli Reply

    Hi – why I can not buy this in Norway?
    We are in Europe but Amazon EU not send here?
    Terje Groenli

  2. Piers Humphries Reply

    Hi, any idea when the USB-C 3 display dock will be available in UK?

    • Gary Zeller Reply

      Thanks for your interest, Piers! We’ve had some production delays with the Triple Display Dock, but hope to have units available in the UK/EU at some point in September.

      We’ll certainly do a separate blog post to announce availability as we get closer to launch.

  3. Ivan Ilyr Reply

    I have a question. Is there any difference between the docking station that is sold in the US and the one that is sold in Europe?
    Is there a single power adopter that is universally usable with both 120 Volt US power current and 250 Volt Europe current or do the EU and US versions have different power adaptors?

    • David Washburn Reply

      Thanks for asking, Ivan! The EU and US versions are shipped with different power supplies. The US versions sold on and come with a US style prong, whereas the EU models come with a UK and EU style prong. We have not tested our dock with universal power supplies.

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