New Energy-Efficient Bluetooth® Travel Mouse

Mobile productivity can be hampered when relying on touch-based input such as touchscreens or trackpads. Many can get by using these input methods, but they’re less than ergonomic and never quite as efficient as using a standard mouse. Our new Bluetooth Travel Mouse increases productivity by adding a full-featured wireless mouse to your travel kit in a compact form.

This mouse will work across all devices and OSes including Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and Linux. It’s also very easy to switch the mouse between devices – just one pairing button on the bottom of the mouse to enable pairing mode, and you can be up and running on a new host in just a few seconds. Once you’re done with your work, just toss the mouse in your travel bag and it automatically goes to sleep when not in use to conserve energy. With most laptops and tablets supporting Bluetooth but having fewer USB ports, a Bluetooth mouse like this is often the best solution.

Power is provided by two standard AAA cells, so it’s easy to stay charged. We include the first set with the mouse. These batteries last for many months before they need to be changed. One fresh set of batteries should be plenty to keep you up and running during a long-term business trip.

A feature not included with most mice is the addition of an on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment. By clicking the DPI button on the top of the Bluetooth Travel Mouse, you can quickly switch between 1000/1300/1600 dots per inch resolution, which in turn increases or decreases sensitivity. This allows users to fine-tune mouse movement for different tasks without having to browse through menus.

For responsive and precise control on-the-go, the Plugable Bluetooth Travel Mouse is a great choice. Whether you’re looking to touch up a photo, just prefer the feel of a mouse over that of touch-based input, or are looking to take a break with a couple rounds in your favorite game, you can look forward to a great experience.

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