Plugable’s Powerful New Speakers

Flat Panel TV with Plugable Speakers

Flat Panel TV with Plugable Speakers

Bluetooth wireless technology has slowly taken over the audio world. You’re now far more likely to use your smartphone as a music source than any other device. This is great in theory, but unfortunately most Bluetooth speakers are small portable units that, while convenient, don’t put out the best quality audio. It’s not their fault, they fall victim to their size: audio simply can’t be miniaturized without losing quality and depth.

We aim to bring high quality audio to your home with the new Plugable Bluetooth 2-Channel Monitor Speakers. You can enjoy streaming your favorite music wirelessly using Bluetooth technology, or attach the speakers directly to any audio source via the speakers’ analog RCA or optical/TOSLINK inputs. We’ve even included 3.5mm to RCA and optical cables as well as a remote to help get things setup up and playing your favorite music immediately.

When using Bluetooth as a source, the speakers are capable of receiving audio compressed with the Qualcomm aptX codec, which allows CD-like quality music to be streamed over a Bluetooth connection. The speakers also include NFC technology which lets you pair the speakers and your phone by simply tapping the two devices together.

frequencyresponse_graphThe speakers feature an audio crossover and Class D, 2-channel amplifier delivering up to 55W output power to the drivers. Each ported enclosure contains 2 high-quality drivers: one 4″ glass fiber cone woofer and one 1″ silk dome tweeter, together capable of faithfully reproducing a wide frequency range of 55Hz – 20Khz. The enclosure, cross-over, and amplifier maintain a nearly flat reproduction of audio frequencies across that spectrum.

If you’re tired of low quality music, give these a try and fill your room with exceptional audio. And for a limited time we’re providing Plugable fans a discount code to provide you Black Friday pricing in advance. Simply enter A8M8FLM6 during the checkout (USA only), and receive 20% off. But hurry, this code is only good through Friday, Nov 25th. The product page has “where to buy” links:

Have any questions at all? We’re happy to help! Just comment below or email Thanks for going out of your way for Plugable products!


4 comments on “Plugable’s Powerful New Speakers”

  1. Bill Lum Reply

    I have access to several sets of speakers which are perfectly serviceable. Do you plan to have a device that is blue tooth capable that allows speakers to be attached?

    • Andy D. Reply

      Hi Bill. If you already have speakers that you would just like to be Bluetooth-capable, the Plugable BT-ARC1A is a Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver with a 3.5mm output jack. It is fairly easy to get cables that convert from the 3.5mm jack to RCA or other audio types. I hope this helps!

      • Bill Lum Reply

        I saw this when I first learned of your products but there didn’t seem to be any power amplification other than to adjust the input signal which sometimes is not enough. My thought was this would work to use speakers next to the computer in a “workstation” type situation but not so much for presentations or for listening in a living room. Description of this new product indicates 55 watt output so I guess I’m looking for sometime with an amp. Tx for your fast response.

        • Andy D. Reply

          Hi Bill. Yes, you would likely need a separate amp with the BT-ARC1A. Unfortunately we do not offer a separate amp ourselves, so you may need to look at a third-party device for amplification when using that product depending on the speakers.

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