Addressing Power Safety with the New 25′ Cable Surge Suppressor

Last summer, we had an exciting intern project that involved building and learning how to use a 3-axis CNC machine. We had the machine delivered in parts on a couple of pallets, and built it part-by-part from the ground up. One of the many things we had to figure out along the way was actually powering the various electronics of the machine, which put us in a bit of a difficult situation.

Our warehouse is loaded with 208V and 480V outlets because it had been used for manufacturing by the previous tenant, but it had a lack of standard 120V grounded outlets. This was great for hooking up the more powerful components of the machine, but for running the lower voltage electronics and the controlling computer, we were pretty much out of luck without running extension cords. From a fire safety perspective, using an extension cord is absolutely disallowed. The fire chief views this as a fire hazard, for good reason, and we wouldn’t have been able to pass annual inspection with these in place. So while we did use extension cords for initial set-up and testing, we couldn’t move forward to production level testing without solving this safety issue.

In the end, instead of running a dedicated circuit to the middle of the warehouse (very expensive), we just used our new PS12-USB25. This is actually the same basic device as the PS12-USB2, with all of the great surge suppression and safety features, except it’s built around an extra-long, heavy-gauge 25′ power cable. The cable is gauged properly for the length of run and wattage rating of the suppressor, so you never have to worry about overloading the circuit, which is one of the main fire safety concerns when using common extension cables.

We were able to use this single surge protector to power all of the necessary components of the CNC machine, and the cable had plenty of length to run from the wall outlet all the way to the machine, while having the cable run under cable protector ramps on the floor for safety. The surge suppressor is now mounted exactly where we need it and addresses all of the safety concerns we had (fire, tripping, etc) with just one device.

Can you think of any problems that this surge suppressor would solve for you? Feel free to comment below, or of course contact us at if you have any questions!

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