Plugable Introduces Universal 60W USB Type-C Power Delivery 2.0 Charger

Finally, a standard laptop power adapter.

With the introduction of USB 3.1 Type-C (“USB-C”) a few years ago there were high expectations for this exciting new standard. The flexibility to carry power, data, and video over a single cable was certainly an exciting prospect. Unfortunately many first-generation USB-C products resulted in frustrating compatibility issues, with some systems and devices being incompatible with each other for seemingly no reason. Especially when it came to dedicated USB-C chargers.

We set out to try and solve this problem by releasing a USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) charger with the best possible set of features to enable it to be compatible with nearly all USB-C systems and devices. Armed with the latest PD 2.0 standard, this charger supports all standard voltage ranges of 5, 9, 12, 15, and 20 volts at up to 3 amps (60W maximum) and is backwards compatible with older PD revisions. The Plugable USBC-PS-60W can charge many new laptops, tablets, and phones from leading manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, and many more that are equipped with USB-C for charging.

Our new charger is great as a replacement or spare charger for most devices that accept a charge over USB-C, including, but not limited to: Apple MacBook (2015 & 2016 12″ MacBook Retina) and Late 2016 & 2017 MacBook Pro, HP Spectre x360, Dell XPS 13 & 15 (9350, 9360, 9550, 9560) Lenovo Yoga 720 & 910, USB-C Chromebooks, Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+, Google Pixel & Pixel XL, and many more.

The charger is compact and has a classic look. With its diminutive size, the USB-C PD brick easily stows in any laptop bag, carry-on, or backpack while on the go. The built-in USB-C cable measures in at 6ft, and the detachable AC cable extends 4ft, with a combined span of 10ft length.

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13 comments on “Plugable Introduces Universal 60W USB Type-C Power Delivery 2.0 Charger”

  1. Yury Reply

    Nice small thing. Congrats with new product!
    But I would like it more with a bit of design added 🙂
    And probably build-in battery like in Dell ph45w17-ca

    • Sam Morgan Reply

      Thanks! We would of course like to add these sorts of features as well, but if you look at the significant price you can understand the feature difference. This is meant to be an entry-level universal power adapter that has a wide compatibility range.

      • Yury Reply

        Hi Sam,
        Thanks for answer. Sure I see price difference. I mean it would be good to have charger+battery (+ Qi charging 🙂 ) from Plugable. And I understand that it can be much more expensive than existing one.

  2. leetcat Reply

    I love the new power supply! I look forward not being stuck only buying apple items for my mac.
    But Why was the USB-C only one sided. Why not have two male connectors? Now if the USB-C cable breaks it cannot be replaced.

    • Sam Morgan Reply

      Great question! While we like having detachable cables for most things, we didn’t feel it made sense in this case. There are several factors driving this decision:

      • The cable can’t be lost
      • We can guarantee the quality of the cable being used to charge devices with
      • Many USB-C cables do not adhere to USB-IF standards and can damage devices
      • No strain relief at the power brick increases the chance that the cable or port will be damaged
      • USB-C cables are pretty easy to pull out, so it wouldn’t be hard to have the cable separate from the charger mid-charge, which can be frustrating
      • Adding a port and producing new tooling is a very large expense, which would increase the product cost to customers.

      With this in mind, I hope you can understand why we went this direction!

  3. joevt Reply

    You now have a USB-C port with PD. If you then add a USB-B input and a mini DisplayPort input, you would have a full featured USB-C port that you can connect to a old computer that doesn’t have any USB-C ports or to a new computer that doesn’t have a USB-C port capable of displaying graphics from the user’s preferred GPU. This would allow the computer to use USB-C docks and adapters.

    • Sam Morgan Reply

      Great question! As of now, the adapter is not certified, though it does meet the standard. We tentatively plan to have it certified in the near future, which would be abnormal given the current market offerings.

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