The New Plugable Performance Mouse Pad

Today we’re launching the latest product in our Plugable Performance lineup, the Plugable Performance Mouse Pad!

Say goodbye to the typical freebie mouse pads you’re familiar with that are thin, coarse, and prone to fraying around the edges. The Plugable Performance Mouse Pad features a natural rubber underside and a polyester hybrid surface that makes for a smooth and stable experience any mouse, and particularly gaming mice such as the Plugable Performance Mouse. The cotton thread stitching around the border adds to the durability and premium looks of the pad.

The pad is also water-resistant and machine washable to add to the life of the pad.

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1 comment on “The New Plugable Performance Mouse Pad”

  1. George Reply

    You should also consider releasing a full desk mousepad. They cost is a little bit higher, but they are a great option for FPS gamers who need a lot of space to make precision movements with their mouse.

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