The Future is Here! Plugable Products + Samsung Galaxy Note 9

With the processing power, capabilities, and connectivity of our phones increasing each year, we may soon be using these pocket sized computers in place of a traditional laptop. The challenge with previous phones has been device connectivity standards, and mobile operating system support, for this type of expanded functionality. But pretty soon, you’re going to be able to connect your phone via a standard connector like USB-C into a docking station, or directly to a monitor, and be able to use it like a desktop computer.

Within the Samsung line there are only certain models that currently support third-party docks, such as the Galaxy Note 9, for use with Samsung DeX (“Desktop Experience”). Samsung has had this functionality for a little while, but it would previously only work with Samsung-branded docks like the Samsung DeX dock. What’s new with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is that, for the first time, they’ve opened DeX functionality up to any standard USB-C dock so you can get even more functionality and variety of connections. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 pairs wonderfully with our UD-CAM USB-C dock, and gives a glimpse into the future by utilizing Samsung’s DeX.

Desktop view from our Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with DeX!


Plugable UD-CAM Docking Station

By plugging the phone into the dock with a single USB-C cable, you get the ability to connect everything you need to be productive such as an external monitor, support for a wired Ethernet connection, USB peripherals, and the ability to charge the phone. With four USB 3.0 ports on the dock and an audio port, you can easily connect devices like a mouse, keyboard, speakers, and extra storage to expand your phone into a desktop-like setup. It’s easy to stay connected and be productive as you access your favorite apps, social media platforms, and browsers on a bigger screen. If you’re traveling and you just want a simple device that can connect to a projector via HDMI, supply pass-through charging to your device, and provide an extra USB 3.0 port, we have the USBC-MD101.

Plugable USB-C Mini Dock (USBC-MD101)

We also have our USBC-HDMI-CABLE, and USBC-HDMI adapter, which will adapt the USB-C signal from your phone and display either a mirror of your phone’s display, or DeX, via HDMI to a TV/monitor. When it is time to go, you just unplug the USB-C cable, grab your phone, and you are on your way!

Plugable USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI 2.0 Cable

Plugable USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI 2.0 Adapter


The future is bright for USB-C with accessories that can expand the functionality of smartphones, computers, and even displays themselves. Samsung currently has beta versions of Android and DeX for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ that allow third-party accessories and docks to take advantage of DeX, so owners of these devices can enjoy the same USB-C ecosystem as the Note 9 in the near future.

The Plugable UD-CAM, USBC-MD101, USBC-HDMI-CABLE, and USBC-HDMI adapter are currently shipping and available from Amazon, and other online marketplaces.


Questions? Please post in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help!

5 comments on “The Future is Here! Plugable Products + Samsung Galaxy Note 9”

  1. Eliot Reply

    Sorry, I have a couple of questions, and perhaps they might be best addressed over email so I’ll do that, but I’ll put them (very cut down) here perhaps we can discuss over email, then surmise here:
    1. Based on this would your products now work on the s8(+)?
    2. Has the Ethernet been proven? (there’s often degradation in speed)
    3. Can this power deliver + gigabit ethernet + display? (pref 8+)

    Obviously I’m trying to build a Dex platform. 😉

    No promo via email, please, just comment responses.

    • Kevin Lamb Reply

      Hello Eliot,

      Thanks for reaching out to us! I would not recommend the UD-CAM for the S8+, especially if you are trying to create a Dex setup. The S8, and S8+ seem to be compatible with Dex, but only through the use of Samsung’s proprietary hardware, and not 3rd party equipment ( I would definitely suggest to check with Samsung directly for official information about Dex. The Note 9 is a bit of an exception with Samsung allowing Dex operation on 3rd party docks. Even with this exception, compatibility could change with future updates to Android, Dex, and to specific devices which may remove functionality with the dock.

      As far as the S8+ is concerned, we have seen that our USBC-E1000 gigabit adapter (, works good for Wired Ethernet. To answer some questions about the UD-CAM dock in the blog post, it provides 85 watts of power which should be enough to charge most devices. The dock also supply’s Ethernet and external video connection at the while in operation. I would suggest to check out this post on our blog which provides further detail about compatible devices with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ : I hope this helps!

      Please feel free to reach out to us directly at: with any other questions or concerns.

      Plugable Support

  2. WaqasPathan Reply

    Is it works with Samsung note 8 Is it works I am facing latency or lag issues while playing online “pubg” but is it give some more boost

    • Mitchell F Reply

      Thanks for asking! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should be compatible with our DeX products. However, there may be a limitation with the wired Ethernet connection with our USB-C dock solutions.

  3. David Riggio Reply

    I have surface pro 6 that I want to connect to a Samsung 49″ curved gaming monitor. When a do, the screen resolution mismatch is not acceptable, even when using the second monitor only.
    Do you have a solution?

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