Back to School with Raspberry Pi 4, and Plugable!

Word spread around the Plugable offices like wildfire; “Raspberry Pi 4 is coming!” “Did you hear you can choose from 1, 2, or 4 gigabytes (GB) of ram?” “Is it true that it has two micro HDMI ports and can support two 4K displays” “I heard it features two USB 3.0 ports, think of the connectivity!” Well, Raspberry Pi 4 is here, and these questions have been answered as I’ve been lucky to test out the 2GB model!

The Raspberry Pi 4 is about the size of a credit card!

Perfect for kids, and kids at heart, Raspberry Pi is a DIY computing platform that provides users with the tools to dream, tinker, and bring exciting ideas to life! With multiple operating systems that you write to a Micro SD card using software like Etcher, and a full suite of available office software from Libre Office, this is a computer that you can truly make your own! The operating systems, and software packages are all free and open source unless otherwise listed!

Raspberry Pi is a great lower cost option to give your kids an edge in computing from the ground up. Connect it to an HDMI port on an existing monitor/TV, and power it with a USB C adapter. Kids can truly get engaged in creating, learning and critical thinking about tech rather than just consuming it. Get ready to learn about various Linux operating systems, explore a world of programming languages, and create websites with HTML/CSS! Or, get creative with art, music, and other crafting projects with great software!

The Raspbian operating system provides a familiar experience!

When their homework is finished, imagine the fun your kids can have in creating a DIY gaming platform with RetroPie, media server with LibreElec, or starting any number of projects for various arts, crafts, music and science with a technical flare to truly stand out!

The newest version of Raspberry Pi features two USB 3.0 ports, the choice of 1,2 or 4GB of ram, and two micro HDMI ports capable of running dual displays at 4K. Add on gigabit Ethernet, built in wireless and Bluetooth functionality, and you have the most delicious Pi yet! Whatever the project, Raspberry Pi has you covered, and Plugable has the accessories to keep you engaged and help you meet your goals!

Investigating a sponge with the USB2-MICRO-250X Microscope!




For more information on Raspberry Pi hardware, software, and a plethora of projects, please visit: The colorful and kid friendly website has all the tools and knowledge to help get you and your kids started. Feel free to drop us a line at: with any projects you’ve worked on or created!

Go back to school in tech savvy style with Raspberry Pi 4, and Plugable!

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