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Privacy Policy

Unless otherwise specified here, our privacy policies match and comply with Amazon.com privacy policies.

Across all marketplaces, Plugable Technologies does not and will not sell or share for 3rd party marketing purposes any end-user data, including web activity, email, phone, or physical contact information. We will only contact you in the context of the relationship we’ve established for the Plugable products you have ordered.

For any order through a site like Amazon.com, we never have access to any credit card or other personal financial information. Amazon collects payments on our behalf and pays us in lump sum for all orders across customers during a particular timeframe. Method of payment for individual orders is not visible to us. For non-Amazon orders, Plugable does not and will never retain payment information. This also means, however, that we cannot do things like issue refunds directly to the original credit card automatically — we have no way to gain access to that information.

In order to track and fulfill orders and provide proper accounting of sales for state and VAT tax purposes, order information including destination address (which affects tax rates) is used and must be retained for accounting purposes.

For logins created at our support sites (plugable.com and support.plugable.com), we ask for the minimum of information allowed by our backend systems (wordpress and getsatisfaction.com) — just enough to allow you to login and post. To better distribute support information, we may include widgets from social sites like Twitter and Facebook. These widgets do not give us access to your accounts on other systems, and we never allow these widgets to have access to any information you have provided directly to us. However, they may have their own methods of knowing that you are logged into their system and tracking your web activity across the various web sites you visit with cookies, etc. We do not get any of this information.

In general, our goal is to deliver you a great product and great service, and otherwise not allow you to be contacted or affected outside of that relationship. We use trusted 3rd party systems wherever possible (e.g. Amazon), and keep out of the way ourselves. We’re tech people who take privacy seriously.

Please let us know if you have any specific questions that are not answered here or in the Amazon privacy policy. Email support@plugable.com anytime. Thank you!