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When it comes to wires, having less of them tends to make everything just a little bit better. With Bluetooth wireless technology, many of your favorite and useful types of electronics can do wonders without the need for wires to your device! We bring the best balance of making Bluetooth part of every day life while making it practical for many to access and better understand this transformative technology.

Every Plugable Bluetooth product is certified and registered with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) to ensure they are fully compliant to Bluetooth standards. This isn’t something you’ll usually see on affordable Bluetooth products, but we are proud to offer our products with this important certification.

Be prepared for your day at the office, at home, exercising outdoors, or travelling to your next destination with Bluetooth devices from Plugable!

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Behind-The-Neck Headphones

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The Plugable BT-HSFLEX is a great companion for just about any day’s activity including listening and phone calls. Featuring around 12 hours of battery life under normal use and advanced Bluetooth features, there’s no reason not to have this in your arsenal of Bluetooth gear.

Enjoy competitive features such as:

• Built-in equalizer settings
• Support for Qualcomm’s aptX audio codec
• Multiple earphone pads for ideal comfort

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Voice Assistant Headset

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With multiple wearing styles, and easy one-button access to intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Google Now, this practical on-the-go headset can become the best friend of road warriors. Featuring around 130 hours of standby and up to three hours of audio time, taking phone calls without having to take your phone is functional and unobtrusive.

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Stereo Audio Receiver With USB Charging

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Electronic audio technology has been around for over a century. Just because your speakers, boombox, or receiver doesn’t have wireless technology, doesn’t mean you have to be without modern convenience. The ubiquitous 3.5mm audio output on the BT-ARC1A can easily be converted to the input for your sound system. Connect your phone or computer using Bluetooth and get ready to easily stream audio from all your favorite digital audio sources and services.

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Stereo Monitor Speakers

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Monitor speakers focus on accurately reproducing audio from the source and are the choice of music producers during the mastering process. Providing wireless connectivity through Bluetooth, and direct analog or digital wired input, the Plugable BT-BOX4S speakers offer a fantastic listening experience for any configuration.

Features include:

• Bluetooth, RCA, or TOSLINK connectivity (TOSLINK and 3.5mm to RCA cables included)
• Support for Qualcomm’s aptX audio codec
• 1″ tweeter and 4″ woofer in each enclosure
• NFC or traditional Secure Simple Pairing for establishing Bluetooth connections

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Travel Mouse

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Unlike some travel mice that require a USB RF adapter, the Plugable Bluetooth mouse uses Bluetooth which is built-in to many modern devices. Being compact and having Bluetooth doesn’t detract from the mouse’s tracking performance either with a button to toggle between 1,000 DPI/CPI and 1,600 DPI/CPI modes without the need of extra software.

Depending on how frequently the mouse is used, a pair of AAA batteries can keep the mouse functioning for about eight to ten months for most users. A pair of AAA batteries is also included with the mouse.

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Ultra-Compact Folding Keyboard With Multi-Function Case

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Software keyboards are passible for most tasks on a mobile device, but for longer and more formal messages, it can really make you wish you had an actual keyboard to use. The ultra-compact BT-KEY3 features high-grade aluminum casing, and to keep it from scratching any devices in your bag, we include a protective cover that double’s as a stand for your phone or tablet. The built-in USB-rechargable battery will usually last weeks without needing to be charged, so you’re ready for those long trips away from your home or office.

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Full-Size Folding Keyboard With Multi-Function Case

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For a more comfortable typing experience that matches most laptops, the Plugable full-size Bluetooth folding keyboard is an excellent option. While matching many features of the BT-KEY3, the BT-KEY3XL adds a wired USB-connected mode. One of the pitfalls of Bluetooth input devices is that they only work once the operating system has loaded on a computer, and once they’ve been paired. A wired mode gives you access when Bluetooth simply isn’t possible.

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Home Automation Switch

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With an open-source library, the Plugable PS-BTAPS1 makes it so you can control and schedule when powered devices in your home turn on. Works great with custom software, or when using the Android/iOS app to set timers, as well as proximity-based power controls that can turn the lights on when you get home.

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Compact Bluetooth® 4.0 Adapter For PCs

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While many devices such as smartphones and tablets include Bluetooth functionality, there are still many PCs that ship without this landmark technology built-in. The Plugable Bluetooth adapter gives your computer the Bluetooth radio it needs to connect to all the devices on this page and so much more. Drivers are built-in to modern Linux distributions, and Windows 10 will automatically install drivers through Windows Update, making this a great way to add Bluetooth to new and old computers.

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If you have questions or need assistance with your Plugable Bluetooth product, we’re here to help. Just contact us at, or check out one of our many blog articles on Bluetooth.