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A working branch of the kernel’s udlfb Displaylink kernel framebuffer driver. Merges existing udlfb with enhancements from displaylink-mod and displaylinkfb as a base for further work. The goal of all this is to get the driver in shape to move from staging into the mainline Linux kernel. Download Grab the latest version tagged snapshot from […]

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Plug and Play Multiseat Talk Given at Linux Plumbers Conference 2009

The video of the talk mentioned in this previous post, is now online (recently moved from the Linux Foundation site, to youtube in 4 parts). Covering: The potential of USB multiseat Some background and earlier work Live demo of USB multiseat with three Plugable devices Walkthrough of the multiseat scripts for Ubuntu 9.04 (available here) […]

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Windows 7 Driver Installation

Windows 7 has now officially launched, and it has significantly improved driver download and installation via Windows Update. Here’s the result when you connect the Plugable universal laptop docking station to a completely fresh Windows 7 system: Windows automatically finds, downloads, and installs drivers for all the devices on the dock — the built-in USB […]

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