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DisplayLink Linux Rotation

[updated 8/14/2011 with latest udlfb info] The xorg generic fbdev driver (xf86-video-fbdev) supports rotation with a custom option (note it disables DGA and xrandr when it rotated mode). DisplayLink devices can use this driver two ways: With the udlfb fb_defio option enabled to detect framebuffer writes based on page faults With the fbdev xorg server […]

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Setting up USB multiseat with DisplayLink on Linux (GDM up to 2.20)

Soon, we’ll be able to plug inexpensive zero-state USB docks/terminals into new Linux systems, and a new graphical login will pop up in a completely plug and play fashion. Many users can then simultaneously share any single Linux PC. This is great for education, libraries, internet cafes, etc — anywhere where you have clusters of […]

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udlfb 0.4.0

[Update Dec 29, 2011: udlfb was promoted from the staging to the mainline kernel tree in 2.6.38. And in kernel 3.3 pagefault detection and console are enabled by default. See all our udlfb posts for the latest news.] [Update March 14, 2010: udlfb versions have moved to being released with the Linux kernel. Update on […]

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