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DisplayLink Linux kernel driver (udlfb) updates slated for 2.6.37

The latest set of patches for udlfb, the Linux kernel framebuffer driver for DisplayLink chips, has been submitted and looks on track for kernel 2.6.37. This will catch the kernel up to everything on Linux is a big and constantly shifting platform. With our USB graphics products (and generally for DisplayLink based products, since […]

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Google Summer of Code – USB Multiseat

Plugable is offering mentoring and donated hardware for USB graphics projects that are funded as part of Google Summer of Code 2010. Plugable is working through X.Org as a sponsoring organization. The main focus is USB multiseat, and the details are on the xorg wiki for SoC 2010 With all the pieces that are just […]

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Setting up USB multiseat with DisplayLink on Linux (GDM up to 2.20)

Soon, we’ll be able to plug inexpensive zero-state USB docks/terminals into new Linux systems, and a new graphical login will pop up in a completely plug and play fashion. Many users can then simultaneously share any single Linux PC. This is great for education, libraries, internet cafes, etc — anywhere where you have clusters of […]

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