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USB Stock Chargers, Dedicated Multi-Port Chargers, or Charge & Sync Hubs. What’s Best for Me?

In today’s world of mass portable devices with USB connectivity, charging should be as simple as plug and play. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Take me for example. On my desk I’ve got a Google Nexus 5, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Apple iPhone 4, and several generations of iPad. Each one came with a completely […]

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Plugable Launches the USB-C3T USB 3-Port Charging Station

With so many USB devices such as phones and tablets needing wall wart style adapters to charge, it is very easy to run out of power outlets. The USB-C3T can help solve the dwindling wall outlets conundrum by offering an additional 3 USB charging ports. In addition, it’s small size and lengthy cable make it […]

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