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Device Charging Rates

Plugable does extensive testing to determine which devices charge at what rates on our chargers and charging capable hubs. This turns out to be important, because USB charging is not (yet) well standardized, and results vary by device. If you’re looking for a charger, our data on charging rates will tell you exactly how much […]

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Plugable Launches Adapter to Enable Charging on Any Powered USB Port

It’s frustrating, but many devices won’t charge on a powered USB port the way you’d expect. This includes most Apple, Samsung, and Google phones and tablets. This is because the phone must choose how much power to pull, and by the original USB spec devices are supposed to only draw 100mA at first. They can […]

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Plugable USB Charging Adapter

Features Allows phones and tablets to charge even when your computer is in sleep mode. Enables faster charging of phones and tablets by drawing optimal voltage from the computer. Keeps devices safe from juice jacking at public charging stations Works with all tablets and phones on the market Small size and simple design that make it easy […]

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