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Plugable Performance Mouse (USB-PM3360) Drivers & Firmware

The mouse requires no drivers to function on devices that will accept USB mouse input. 6/23/2017 — Note: The click latency and polling rate have been improved with a new firmware release. Click here to download. Instructions are included with the files. The firmware update can only be applied via a Windows system. If you […]

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From Gamers With Love – The Plugable Pro Mouse

If it wasn’t clear by now, behind the veneer of best selling business-oriented Docking Stations, there’s a group of gamers and peripheral enthusiasts here at Plugable. In the vein that our mechanical keyboards are a love letter to price-conscious typing enthusiasts, the USB-PM3360 mouse is a love letter to price-conscious PC gamers, and those who […]

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Plugable PM3360 Performance Mouse for Gaming and Precision Applications

Master the way you interface with your PC. The Plugable PM3360 is engineered for pixel-perfect accuracy with your mouse cursor in creative applications, or when quickly centering your crosshairs on a target in your favorite games. This light and nimble mouse feels great in the hand and tracks movement even with the quickest flick of […]

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