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Plugable USB 3.0 Hub Firmware Upgrades

This article is no longer relevant. We have a newer hub firmware update. See our Mid-2014 Hub Firmware update for the latest info. 4.26.13 Updated with new versions Note this post is only about hubs. For our own UD-3000 dock, please don’t follow this post — we have a separate post on the customized UD-3000 […]

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VIA VL811 USB 3.0 Hub Firmware Upgrade

2.8.13:This post is no longer current Please refer to our newer post Plugable USB 3.0 Hub Firmware Upgrades VIA Labs has released a new firmware version for their VL811 USB 3.0 hub chipset. A primary feature is a work around for issues on Mac OS X 10.8 systems, where USB storage devices would disconnect unexpectedly […]

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OS X Mid-2012 MacBook USB and Graphics update

Good news Mac owners! Apple has released a graphics and USB focused update just for late model, Mid 2012 MacBook models including “all Mac notebooks released in June 2012.” This update “includes graphics performance and reliability enhancements and improves compatibility with some USB devices.” As with any OS X update, simply choose updates in the […]

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The Windows RT and Surface USB Device Compatibility Story

[Updated 11/20/2012] Microsoft’s official statement is “Windows RT uses class drivers and in-box drivers exclusively, departing from a common driver added scenario on the x64 or x86 architectures.” (see Microsoft policies). There is no DDK. Officially, installing drivers on Windows RT is not supported. That said, it turns out there is at least oneWindows ARM […]

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UPDATED: Plugable Products on Mac OS X 10.8 (aka Mountain Lion)

Listed below are our latest updates about how to make your Plugable products work on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion with all the caveats shared by customers. If you read this post before and notice changes, it’s because we’ve revised our advice based on differences between our test results and what many customers were […]

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