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The New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with Plugable USB-C Products

One of the necessities for working at Plugable is having a passion for technology. So imagine the excitement when we hear about an upcoming device that breaks the mold, and the subsequent crowd that gathers around such devices when they arrive in our office. This is especially true with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, […]

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New USB-C Charging Meter from Plugable

USB-C charging demystified. One of USB-C’s great potential features is the ability to charge in either direction, with much higher power levels than was previously possible with USB (up to 100 Watts). But USB-C is still maturing, and there are many combinations of chargers and devices which either don’t charge, or charge at a lower […]

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Plugable USB-C Voltage and Amperage Meter

Features Allows quick and easy monitoring of USB-C charging. Measures voltage and amperage as well as what direction electrical current is flowing through it. Features bright and easy to read OLED screen Meter is bidirectional and can be connected in any direction. Supports the full range of USB-C Power Delivery voltage from 5 to 20V […]

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