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DisplayLink and nVidia Driver Compatibility Update

[updated 12/3 – DisplayLink has released driver version 5.5 M1 (Dec 3, 2010) which appears to resolve all these outstanding nVidia issues. See details … ] nVidia’s latest Win7/Vista drivers (October 18, 2010 and later) conflict with existing DisplayLink drivers (version 5.5 Sept 29th and earlier), causing video playback and some 3D applications to not […]

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Howto: Adjusting C-Media USB Audio Volume in Windows 7

The Plugable UD-160-A Universal Docking Station and the Plubable DC-125 Zero Client Docking Station provide 2 channel USB audio via a CM-6300 chip. The CM-6300 is a “driverless” solution in that it complies with the USB audio class standard, and uses Microsoft’s own drivers provided in Windows 7. That also means that the software options […]

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Google Nexus One Phone and Plugable’s Universal Dock

Sven Killig has posted a few more bits of his cool Google Nexus One USB host mode work, this time running with the Plugable Universal Docking Station. This setup uses the udlfb DisplayLink Linux driver work from here (git.plugable.com) and a bunch of other components Sven has developed or pulled together, to turn the phone […]

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Workaround for Mac OS X Conflicts between DisplayLink and USB ethernet

[ Update April 27th, 2011. DisplayLink has fixed this issue in the production version 1.6 release of their Mac drivers. Please download the latest Mac drivers from DisplayLink ] Plugable uses DisplayLink chips for USB graphics, and ASIX chips for USB Ethernet functionality. And we have both chips in devices like our Plugable USB 2.0 […]

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Coverage of UGA-125 family launch

We’re excited to be launching the new UGA-125 and UGA-125-HUB products, available on Amazon now. Check out the following for sampling of 3rd party coverage so far: CrunchGear: Plugable shows off new USB display and docking adapters HotHardware: Plugable Technologies Intros New DisplayLink-Enabled USB Products NewTechReview: Plugable Technologies USB UGA Docking Stations

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Windows 7 Driver Installation

Windows 7 has now officially launched, and it has significantly improved driver download and installation via Windows Update. Here’s the result when you connect the Plugable universal laptop docking station to a completely fresh Windows 7 system: Windows automatically finds, downloads, and installs drivers for all the devices on the dock — the built-in USB […]

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