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Plugable’s USB 2.0 Graphics Adapter (DisplayLink DL-195)

Plugable’s new USB 2.0 Graphics Adapter is now available on The DisplayLink DL-195 chip inside this adapter is the best high-end chip out there for adding a display over USB. And because it pushes USB 2.0 and analog VGA to their limits, it isn’t likely to be beaten by any other chip in the […]

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DisplayLink Linux Rotation

[updated 8/14/2011 with latest udlfb info] The xorg generic fbdev driver (xf86-video-fbdev) supports rotation with a custom option (note it disables DGA and xrandr when it rotated mode). DisplayLink devices can use this driver two ways: With the udlfb fb_defio option enabled to detect framebuffer writes based on page faults With the fbdev xorg server […]

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