DisplayLink Releases New Mac Driver Beta (1.6 Beta 3)

DisplayLink has released an updated beta of their version 1.6 Mac drivers, available for download from their Mac forums. This is the first update in quite a few months, so it’s a good sign for Mac users.

The main feature of the new beta are fixes for some problems experienced on resume from sleep.

In terms of our general recommendations for Macs and Plugable’s DisplayLink-based products, we still want to emphasize that all Mac drivers are of a beta/pre-release level of quality compared to the Windows products. They still 1) are incompatible with recent MacBook Pros with switching graphics 2) disable the USB ethernet interface on docking stations like our Plugable dock. 3) are too frequently broken or fixed by Apple’s OS X updates — Apple often seems to be changing driver interfaces in subtle ways that affect USB graphics.

We expect and hope that support from both DisplayLink and Apple will improve in time, and we’ll be able to recommend the combination without qualification. Until then, it’s good to see releases like this for incremental progress.

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