Go the Distance: The USB2-5M Extension Cable

Sometimes the USB cable that comes with a device is just too short.

Maybe you have a non-networkable printer or scanner that you need to set up across the room–or in a different room altogether–than the connected computer is located. Perhaps you’re mounting a USB device like a webcam or speakers high on the wall but your PC or Mac needs to remain on the floor. Or maybe you’re a gamer and want to use and recharge your PS3 DualShock controller simultaneously from the comfort of your couch rather than having to crowd up close to the console.

Suffice it to say, there are plenty of scenarios where you need a long USB cable. Plugable’s USB2-5M active extension cable lets you extend USB devices up to five meters (16 feet) from the system or hub to which they’re connected.

Because the USB2-5M adheres to the USB 2.0 spec for the length of USB extension cables for data transmission, you can use it to connect any class of USB devices. Quality shielding and an active-repeater (a hub controller) help to ensure a strong data signal as it travels the length of the cable. We use the best chip on the market for this application.

You can even string USB2-5M cables together to achieve a really long reach (USB 2.0 has a built-in depth limit of 5 hubs/devices, so typically 3 or 4 cables is the most you’ll be able to string together before hitting that limit).

As an active cable, each USB2-5M will draw 100 milliamps of the 500 total milliamps of available current from the host USB port to which it’s plugged in.

If the peripheral that you’re going to attach to the cable also draws its power from the USB port rather than its own external power supply, you might need to connect an AC-powered hub between the cable and the peripheral. The powered hub will ensure that the peripheral has access to sufficient amperage rather than competing with the cable for current from the host port.

If you have questions about scenarios in which you think the USB2-5M would be beneficial, feel free to comment. And don’t hesitate to write to us on the public support forum at http://support.plugable.com or privately via e-mail at support@plugable.com. We’re here to help.

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