Fedora 17 USB Multiseat Compatible Hardware

[Update 5/28/2012 Fedora 17 has been released and supports the Plugable DC-125 and UD-160-M/A out of the box! Download the iso image here. And the steps below have been updated to reflect all the fixes in F17 final.]

The Plugable $50 thin client KickStarter project is growing.

But we need early adopters so we have people using the solution, finding and fixing problems, and helping to spread the word. What we deliver now might not include some KickStarter extras and will be higher priced than through the KickStarter project, but it will include all the components and will work with Fedora 17 Beta.


Interested in getting your hardware now? If you’re in the USA, here’s what will work with Fedora 17 Beta:

UD-160-M USB Thin Client
DC-125 USB 2.0 Docking Station / Zero Client

International Shipping Options

Both the DC-125 and UD-160-M may also be ordered from our Plugable International Shipping Store with $16.95 via USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping from the USA.

If you’ve never ordered and had an item shipped from the USA before via the US Postal Service, please research the rules in your country. We declare the actual value of all items, so in some countries customs and/or VAT taxes are collected, and all of those are paid by the recipient once the items arrive in country. And also note that while every shipment will have a tracking number, the tracking is generally poor once the item has left the USA.


You can download Fedora 17 here. The default download (GNOME Desktop) and spins derived from it support automatic USB multiseat. KDE and other spins do not.

Install F17 to the hard drive of an available machine. For 3-4 thin clients, you can use a spare older machine – we’d recommend a minimum machine with 2GB RAM and 2 cores or 2 GHz or more. For best performance, use an Core i3/i5 class processor with at least 4GB of DDR3 RAM or more.

Any recent Plugable UD-160-A/M or DC-125 thin client you plug in should automatically pop up a new login.

Comment here or email support@plugable.com if you have any trouble at all – we’d be happy to help! And thanks in advance to the early users who help find issues and spread the word about how cool this technology can be!

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