Plugable’s 7 Port USB Hub Gets Upgrades

We’re happy to announce the the Plugable USB2-HUB-AG7 seven-port hub with three-amp power supply is back in stock. One of Plugable’s goals is to continuously improve our products based on customer feedback. Manufacturing took a little extra time with this batch to implement some important changes.

Tighter Fit
The biggest change we made was to make sure the hub’s power cord stays snug in the hub.

That might not seem like much of a big deal, but the looseness of the of the power supply’s barrel connector was the No. 1 complaint we received from customers about older models of the seven-port hub.

We also tightened the fit of the mini-USB port where you insert the data cable that connects the hub to a computer.

Go Longer
The data cable now spans 56 inches, about a foot longer than before as a result of customer requests, providing increased flexibility and distance in positioning the hub away from the host computer.

When Less is More
Improvements aside, some customers ask why Plugable offers a self-powered seven-port hub when we already sell a self-powered 10-port hub. While the two hubs do the same thing–connect a bunch of USB devices to a computer–each offers different benefits.

The seven-port hub is better for devices that need a lot of power through the USB connection. The seven-port has a larger power supply than the 10-port hub: 3 amps versus 2.5 amps. You’ll find few other USB 2.0 hubs with this much total amperage.

Power Per Port
If you had multiple devices that all wanted to draw the USB 2.0 maximum amperage of 500 milliamps available when attached to a hub that is connected to a computer, you could attach about six of these devices to the seven-port hub (6  x 500mA = 3A) and only five to the 10-port hub (5 x 500mA = 2.5A). And in this scenario you would have gotten value out of six of ports on the seven-port hub but only half of the ports on the 10-port hub. Note that just because the hub provides this much power, doesn’t mean that devices will charge without a computer attached. That behavior is outside of the USB spec, and is determined by the particular device. Apple devices, in particular, require tricks to charge with any hub.

Per-Port LEDs
We think of the 7-port hub as our “power user” hub both because of the higher average power per port, and because of other features like the nice per-port LEDs on the 7-port hub that allow you to quickly see which ports have successfully configured on the host.

Works with Everything
The hub works with any USB 2.0 capable host: Windows, Mac, Linux, XBOX, Wii, Tivo, etc — anything with a USB port and support for hubs. The hub’s controller delivers the best performance and compatibility of any USB 2.0 hub controller out there.

Whatever your needs, we always aim to support you as best we can. If you have questions about either the improved Plugabale USB2-AG7 seven-port hub or any of our products, feel free to write us below or via e-mail to We’re here to help.


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