Plugable’s New USB Keyboard for Kids

The newest addition to the Plugable family of products is the bright and cheerful Kids USB Keyboard! The fun and colorful design of this keyboard is sure to inspire and engage young computer users. Easy to read large keys and color coded system helps young kids learn their vowels, consonants, numbers and function keys. Purple for Vowels, Green for consonants, Orange for punctuation and Blue for editing, function and Microsoft Hotkeys; the Kids Keyboard helps children learn while the large keys make it easier to use, and more fun!

Kids Keyboard -- large keys

The kids keyboards has much larger keys than a regular keyboard.

The rugged construction from durable ABS plastic allows for wear and tear expected of any product for kids. Plug-n-Play compatibility makes it easy on the adults; No installation or setup necessary, no driver installations, all versions of Windows XP and up will detect and recognize the device instantly.

It should be noted that this keyboard has over-sized keys and should not be used for touch type learning.

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