A USB Hub that Works Well with the Raspberry Pi

We’re excited to be launching our Plugable 7 Port High Speed USB 2.0 Hub with 3A Power Adapter in the UK today.

Because of its best-in-class USB 2.0 hub controller chipset, this is a good choice for any computer where you need more ports — Mac, Windows, Linux, game consoles, and USB-capable tablets.

With our focus on getting the details right, we find we’re able to deliver better compatibility, better reliability over time, and better handling of power issues (which is the toughest issue for a USB hub). Take the Amazon link for the USA model to see how this has played out over hundreds of customer experiences.

In particular the hub’s better power handling, combined with our hub’s included premium 3A power adapter, make it a great match for difficult cases — like the hot $25 Raspberry Pi development board.

Almost a half million of these Raspberry Pi boards have been sold, but they come bare bones without a power supply. And even with a dedicated supply, if you try to connect USB devices to its two available USB ports, the board isn’t able to provide USB 2.0’s typical amperage. So many USB devices will fail when directly connected to the Pi.

They need a powered USB hub. But not just any USB hub will work — many draw too much power from the host at times and trigger a brownout on the Pi — so it can be difficult to find one which won’t reset the Pi at inopportune times.

Our 7 port hub, however, works great with the Pi — both to provide power to the Pi board, and to power attached USB devices *at the same time*. So you don’t need any other power supply to run the Pi and several USB devices, other than our hub and its included 5V 3A power supply. It’s a great companion product for any Pi user.

We’ve been testing the Pi with all our Plugable products, and will have a post later this week on all the products that will (like this hub) and those that won’t, so we can provide the best advice for Pi users.

Here’s a link to a video with more detail: Plugable 7 port Hub and the Raspberry Pi

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Questions are welcome in the comments. Thanks for your support of Plugable products!

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