Plugable’s New Aluminum SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card Reader

Plugable is excited to begin offering our Genesys Logic GL3220 chip set based multi card reader today. The USB3-CARD6A blends form and function beautifully with a durable brushed aluminum case, blistering USB 3.0 super speed, and support for the most popular media card types used today. The aluminum finish perfectly complements new Apple notebooks, Windows Ultrabooks, and other systems featuring USB 3.0 support but lacking a built in card reader.

Not just another pretty face, the USB3-CARD6A supports the latest UHS-I SD and micro-SD cards of all sizes (SDHC and SDXC), the latest UDMA High-Speed CompactFlash media cards used in high-end DSLR cameras (UDMA 7 cards will operate in UDMA 6 mode at up to 133mb/sec) AND supports most media cards used in other devices like tablets, smartphones, etc. With cross platform support for nearly every modern operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, OS 9, OS X, and any Linux variants with USB Mass storage support.

If you have an older USB 2 card reader the improvements to transfer speeds can be impressive with high-performance card types (UDMA 6 or higher CF cards; UHS-I SD and Micro-SD cards). In one test scenario with the latest high-end memory card, (Windows 7 32 bit) the USB3-CARD6A bested a USB 2.0 card reader with 4x the performance, with an average transfer of 83.25 mb/sec as compared to 19.97 mb/sec on a USB 2 device.

Designed to fit easily in a laptop or tablet case, the 6-in-1 reader requires only a USB 2 or 3 connection, and requires no bulky power supply. Digital media aficionados are sure to appreciate a card reader that not only supports the card types used in the vast majority of modern devices, but does so at USB 3.0 Super Speed.

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